Our Unsual Weekend Gateway

21 Sep

Husband has been my travel partner long when he was only my boyfriend. Due to our daily routine at the office, we usually travel on the weekend. But our last vacation was not our usual weekend gateway.

Unusual because first, because we usually travel to go back to nature, searching for mountains to climb or sea to swim. But not in our last vacation, we just wandered around the city. Tasting various local culinary. Looking for souvenirs to bring home. Totally unusual for us. 😀

Second, because it was our first trip together abroad. Although we both went to Malaka (Malaysia) 13 years ago, on the same team, represented our own junior high school to a scout gymboree. But it wasn’t counted, because back then, husband and I were just friends. No relationship or whatsoever.

Third, because we traveled alone. Usually we go to the destination together, we go back to Jakarta together. But husband was already at Bangkok (Thailand) for 6 days due to his business trip. So I traveled alone to meet him there. And I went back home first thing in the morning on the weekday, while he exteneded his trip to the middle of the weekday.


Husband picking me up at the airport ❤

Surely, what is usual and unusual depends on your own normal travel routine. How’s your usual weekend gateway? 🙂


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