Only With iPhone

27 Jul

Husband and I are usually backpacking, wee rarely do fancy traveling. That’s why the concept of traveling with SLR camera doesn’t fitted with our traveling concept. Because we need to travel light since we don’t want to burden our backbones by adding unnecesarry weight.

It’s really important for both us to get creative with our smartphone’s camera. We don’t even want to bring tripod whenever we travel, because it will add another weight to the luggage. We just use another tools as the standing base for the smartphone (read here for the example).

And we’re always satisfied with the photo result from our iPhone cameras.

 Photo by Prasetya Wibowo using iPhone 3Gs. Taken on March 2013 in Sanur Beach, Bali Island, Indonesia.

  Photo by Mutia Afifah Riza using iPhone 4. Taken on July 2015 in Harapan Island, Thousand Islands, Indonesia.

  Photo by Prasetya Wibowo using iPhone 5s. Taken on November 2014 in Karimun Jawa Island, Central Java, Indonesia.

 Photo by Prasetya Wibowo using iPhone 5s. Taken on July 2015 in Dolphin Island, Thousand Islands, Indonesia.

What about you? How important for you an SLR camera when traveling? 😀


2 Responses to “Only With iPhone”

  1. AMYunus August 29, 2015 at 6:23 pm #

    I see DSLR result is way more sharper than ones using camera phone. I have tried to travel with only using my phone as camera, once using point shoot camera, once using mirrorless camera, and once using DSLR camera. Guess what, the most satisfying result was using the mirrorless one.

    Mirrorless camera has the great result as DSLR camera, at least when displayed on phone and maximum on notebook. Moreover, carrying mirrorless camera is easier than bulky DSLR. Anyway, nice pics!

  2. Karimun Jawa September 12, 2015 at 10:23 am #

    bagus juga walo pake iphone ya… wa pake zenfone aja deh..lebih murah 😀

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