Pilot and Co-pilot

6 Jul

I remember having this discussion with hubby, whether a passenger in motorcycle should be able to see the front view or not. Some passengers might just sit tight on the chair of any vehicle (plane, bus, car, motorcycle, etc), and wait until the trip ends. Some might even sleep during the trip and then wake when they arrive.

But some of us couldn’t. We might ride any vehicle, but we won’t just be like a blind passenger. We need to be able to see during the whole trip, for security reason (to feel safe), for excitement reason (to see the beautiful view), or for other reasons. Thus we won’t be sleeping during the trip.

Thank goodness I’m not the type of this blind passenger. Hubby and I had this motorcycle accident just 3 days after our wedding reception :p Thank goodness I could alerted him miliseconds before the accident, he only needed 6 stitches on hand, while me 2 stitches on eyelid.

Journey in life also need pilot and co-pilot. One should direct, the other could help to navigate. If the pilot would about to make the wrong turn, the navigator could help straighen up. If the pilot drives the vehicle way too fast, the navigator could remind the pilot to slow down.

It’s better not to be blind passenger, so we could prevent any kind of accidents that might happen in life. 🙂


One Response to “Pilot and Co-pilot”

  1. Arman July 7, 2015 at 9:40 am #

    Gw kalo di mobil juga selalu ngeliat jalan. Tapi kalo naik pesawat gak bs dong kalo mau liat depan. Haha

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