5 Years Age Gap, Not Anymore

29 Jun

Older generation usually marry with someone who is much older or much younger than them. In my grandma and grandpa case, they’re 10 years apart. In my mom and dad case, they’are 5 years apart. Not sure whether it’s the secret recipe of long time marriage for older generation or it is customary for them to marry someone not on their age.

10 years apart means when the older one is in fresh year senior higher school, the younger one is also in fresh year, but elementary school. 5 years apart means when the older one is in fresh year senior high school, the younger one is in 5th grade elementary school. Not sure what kind of topics they can discuss if they meet at school age. Of course they can discuss more topics if they meet at adult age. Although the age gap might put some barriers between them, i.e. language, point of view, etc.

Thank goodness I met my hubby when both of us were in the same year of junior high school. We were just friends back then. Perhaps it’s destiny that we finally got closed after school age. So we both could focused on education first. So we could talk serious matters at the right time, adulthood. Because I always want to be like my mom and dad, each of them is the one and only for the other.

Thank goodness I only 7 months younger than my hubby. Although age doesn’t determine maturity, but hopefully his (im)maturity could be balanced with my (im)maturity. He might be 27 years old this September, but sometimes his mind is like 17 years old, or act like a 7 years old. But it’s okay, because there’s time when I also have a mind of 16 years old, and act like a 6 years old.

Many of my friends marry someone who is around their age, although there are some of my friends who marry their seniors. I remember a friend of mine specifically said that she doesn’t want to have a much older husband. She’s not okay to work as the family backbone for 5 years (for example) after his husband retired in the future. Never think like it before, but hey, she might be right one day. 🙂

How about you and your partner?


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