Sincere Gratitude to Technology

27 Mar

My sincere gratitude for the inventor of internet and the founding father of Google. Can you imagine internet world without Google? 🙂

Due to his and my daily routine, also the fact that we still love using public transport instead of private one, our access to visit W vendors is very limited. Ofcourse we couldn’t visit every W vendors available in the city, it’s very time consuming.

Our trick is to visit every available website of W vendors, make fair comparison based on their published portfolio, then communicate with the marketing person of the chosen W vendor via email / phone. If everything goes according to plan, then me and uhm Fiance 😉 visit their physical place.

In our point of view, this strategy is very time efficient, we only visit W vendors who match with our interest and budget. Back and forth communication only within a handheld. Less cost, less time spent, less energy wasted.

The minus is our choice will be limited to W vendors who have virtual presence, as in website or blogpost review. There might be W vendors out there who have better portfolio that could offer less cost.

For the record we only physically visited 1 vendor of W ring (no other choice, they’re the best), 1 vendor of W dress (include make up), 2 vendors of W invitation, 2 vendors of W souvenir, and 3 places of W venue (include decoration and catering). Within a month, we’ve made our choice. 

Picture Source

There’s trade off in every available option. There’s risk in every action. It’s our choice to choose which option cause more plus than minus. How’s your W preparation story? 🙂


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