Planting Rose The Flower

17 Mar

What’s the hardest part in keeping rose the flower in our backyard? Will rose the flower go anywhere when we plant it in the backyard inside a pot?

The hardest part is not when we have to buy the seeds, because we can buy plenty of them in the market. The hardest part is not when we have to search for the soil, for the plant to grow upon. If we live in a tropical country, we can even get both the seeds and the soil for free.

The hardest part is to keep the plant alive, bloom into becoming rose the flower. The hardest part is to keep rose the flower looks fresh after blooming, not to age quickly. The hardest part is to keep insects and other pests away from rose the flower.

Even if we plant rose the flower in the tropical country which known to has rich and fertile soil, it will not automatically grow and bloom healthily. That needs effort by the planter.

That also need to be supported by the condition where rose the flower planted, such as the sunshine, the air, the humidity, the fertilizer, and other things that are uncontrollable by rose the flower, even by the planter.


Do we need to cage it because we don’t want it to fly away from us? No, because rose the flower doesn’t fly, it keeps to the ground where it is planted.

Do we need to grasp it tightly whenever we go because we don’t want to be separated with rose the flower? No, because unlike other flowers, rose the flower has its own protection mechanism, its thorns will protect it with whatever comes near.

Does it mean we don’t need to protect it if we wish it to bloom healthily? Yes, we still do. But protect rose the flower carefully. Because if we don’t, we become the one who destroys it.

Love our plant as it should be, not more, not less. Because something exessive is never good.

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One Response to “Planting Rose The Flower”

  1. Novroz July 23, 2014 at 12:23 pm #

    What a poetic way of sharing about planting!
    Long time no see 🙂

    I am so not good with plants, they always die on me. Good luck with the rose 🙂

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