By Fate and or By Choice?

25 Oct

Someone-really-special-to-me accused me that I don’t love him because I could never understand what he really want to, I could never get what is his feeling, I could never listen and remember what he said.

After all the things that I’ve done for him, that I’ve done with him, but all he could say was I don’t love him (enough), I began to doubt what love is. I thought I know what it is, but turned out I don’t.

After all the patience, the waiting, the understanding, the sacrifice, all the things that I did in the last 2 years just to be with him is not called love, then perhaps I really don’t know what love is.

He said we met again after separated 9 years was fate, and I believe him.
He said we’re finally together is because he loves me and I love him, and I believe that.
Then he started to doubt me, accused me that I don’t love him, that we’re together because of choice not fate.


What is wrong with being together by choice? Despite of all the choices I could make, I chose to be together with him. What’s more committing than that? And that’s the wrong one?

Dear you, we were together by fate and supported by choice. What’s stronger than that? Yet we couldn’t be together any longer. I don’t understand.


One Response to “By Fate and or By Choice?”

  1. iraa November 10, 2013 at 6:09 am #

    Hey nad, mau nostalgia nih ceritanya jadi buka2 blog teman2 deh. It seems that your love life like a roller coaster ya nad, well in my opinion at least. Just go with it nad, I am sure you two will learn a lot in those relationship. Kalo ada apa2 you still can share the stories with me loh.. Remember..

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