Fear of Adulthood: Peter-pan Generation

24 Sep

There are two kind of people in their earlier stage of life, those who couldn’t wait to grow up and be an adult, and those who doesn’t want to grow up and remain as a kid. Which ever they choose to believe in, will resulted much later in their future life, the adult time.

Many people believe young adult should live separately from their parents, especially after graduated from senior high school. It will be best to attend college in different city from parents’ house, so the young adult could experience the real independency.

That includes living in a dorm or in a rented house with friends. That includes cooking their own meal, washing their own clothes, paying parts of their own bill. Including part time work to start paying student loan, remembering how expensive it is, in US for example.

Couldn’t blame those who didn’t want to grow up when they were still a little kid. Perhaps, they are actually the visionaory one because in fact aldulthood is not easy. And they could predict it years before they enter the adult life, that’s pretty amazing.

Problem comes when the young adult who don’t want to act according to their age, that they want to remain treated as a kid, in their twenties or thirties. Watch cartoon, read chicklit, play online games, are few of the symptopms. I personally believe young adult who mainly used their gadget to play games is part of this Peter-pan-generation, as daily mail called it (read here for more).

Adulthood is never about growing old. It’s about people who grow up and find their maturity towards financial things (carreer, mortgage) and family things (marriage, kids). People can have kids and be financially dependent to their parents in the same time. In the other hand, people could also be financially independent but clinging to their young life as long as possible, has no intention to settle down.

Naturally, people will grow old by the time being. To grow up being an adult and live in real life like Wendy is an option. We could also choose to act like a kid in our adult time and live like Peter pan in Neverland.

Our life, our choice.

This post has been published in DVRG Magazine.


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