BlackBerry Internet Services: Aged Recently

16 Sep

I’m not a BlackBerry-hater or something. But those who know me in real life, or those who have read my blog long enough, would have known that I’m not a fan of the company and or their products.

It started long ago when I was still in college. That time, many of my people around me were BlackBerry users and I wasn’t one, never was and never will. RIM, who designed BlackBerry, claimed their handphone as the smartest one. Which is funny.

Because the only smart thing about BlackBerry is the internet service; push email, web browsing, and instant messenger, which could be found in any other smartphone devices. The BlackBerry devices? Not as smart as the service. Camera? Bad. Audio? Bad.

Before BlackBerry device’s boom (2006 globally, 2009 in Indonesia) many people can already check their email using mail application in handphone, not the web one. Even without BlackBerry Messenger, many people can chat using their handphone, cross platform, cross device (read here for more).

The good thing about BlackBerry before the boom: the internet service was designed to be able to use in other devices beside BlackBerry, like HTC, Nokia (Communicator and E-Series), and Sony Ericcson. But after the boom, RIM decided that BlackBerry internet services can only be used in BlackBerry devices.

For such a good service that isn’t supported by good devices, the decision will surely not stay for a long time. Why? Because people are looking for more real smartphone. Who isn’t just selling push email and instant messenger. Because all real smartphone could do that.

In my humble opinion, RIM should’ve just focused on what they know best, developing the internet service. No need to join the sales war between the devices, because apparently it’s not good to go in a war we don’t know.

This post is written due to text messaging that came into my inbox a few days ago, sent as hot news service from my phone provider. It said: BlackBerry will soon be available for Android and iPhone.


Who want to laugh with me? šŸ˜‰


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