Life is About Choices to Make

8 Sep

Whether we realize it or not, our life is full of choices to be made. As simple as whether we want to get up early or wake up late, whether we want to have breakfast or skip to lunch, or even as big as major decision that will shape our life in the future.

Whether we want it or not, there will always be consequence(s) to the decision we made. To get up early and will arrive at the office before working hour, or wake up late and will have to face the traffic jam in the way to the office. To have breakfast and will be able to concentrate to work, or skip breakfast and will have to check the clock every hour in waiting for lunch time.

Think of our life as a journey and the decisions are the crossroads that we should face along the journey. We’re the one who gets to decide whether we want to turn right thus headed right away to our destination and arrive on time, or to turn left to detour so we could enjoy the beatiful scenery but arrive late. In every single crossroad.


As a journey, ofcourse the choices to be made also including whether we’re going to the right destination, and whether we’re going with the right vehicle and the right partner. Whether s/he is the driver and we’re the navigator, or the other way around. Although using auto-pilot is also included as an option.

But some people said there’s no definite right and wrong in life. Life is even when we get the right answer, we could still be screwed because it’s not right according to other people’s perpective. By that point of view, we’re wrong and they’re the correct one.

Life is also not a textbook question where we get 10 points per correct answer. Sometimes it’s better not to keep score because not all things in life could be reset to point zero when everything turned up to be so messed up.

Life is about choice whether we want to see things as they are, or we only see things that we want to see. Like the breath taking view but only for short path or beautiful view for long lasting one. Your choice.


One Response to “Life is About Choices to Make”

  1. orange float September 23, 2013 at 7:32 pm #

    life is about decision, just follow your heart

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