Memory Cleansed Leads to True Love

5 Aug

What will you do when bad things happened in life and you hurted badly? Some of us might want to do anything just to erase those memory from our mind. While some of us, have our memory cleansed as a result from tragic accident.

That’s what happened to Clementine and Joel. After their huge fight, Clementine had her memory of their relationship erased, and Joel broken-heartedly decided to do the same.

Sweet thing happened 2 years after their separation. The couple meet again at some point, attracted and fall in love again to each other, not knowing that they’re actually former lover.

The story of how Joel struggles from the memory he initially wanted to erase but later on realized he actually not want to, is beautifully told in Eternal Sunshine and The Spotless mind.

Do you think couple who has been separated but could fall in love again to each other as true love? What about Henry who endlessly tries to make Lucy fall in love again to him every day?

A year before she met Henry, Lucy had car accident which caused her suffered amnesia. This made her awake in the morning thinking the new day as the day she got accident. Therefore she can not remember of what happened after the accident, including the day she meets Henry.

Falling in love with her, Henry always find sweet way to introduce himself to Lucy every day, and tries to make her falls in love to him every day. Even after Lucy’s father ask him not to meet his daughter anymore, this doesn’t make Henry gives up.

Lucy might always seen their meeting as first dates, while Henry sees them as regular things to do in his life. Their never ending first dates sweetly captured in a movie named 50 First Date.

Based on these movies, true love means countlessly falling in love with the same person over period of time. No matter how cleansed our memory from that other person, but the feeling will always remain the same.

This post has been published in DVRG Magazine.


3 Responses to “Memory Cleansed Leads to True Love”

  1. A Collection of Musings August 5, 2013 at 3:26 pm #

    Well if you remember why you are no longer together at least you won’t make the mistake again

  2. partnerinvain August 6, 2013 at 7:49 pm #

    May be yes maybe No, time will tell

  3. Istanamurah June 2, 2014 at 11:34 am #

    semoga aku dapat menemukan cinta terbaikku, 😀

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