I Feel Old Already

16 Jul

So I shared a 9gag post to little sister. It tells us that in every creative adult, they bring along their childish part when they grow up. Hence, the creative adult. Because creative adult is the child who survived. It said, I agreed.

Then out of nowhere, she told me that she doesn’t want to grow up, because she doesn’t want to marry, soon. The reason she said that was because of this article in dailymail.

Hello? What’s the connection between growing up and marriage? Do we only counted as an adult when we marry? Since when growing up has everything to do with marriage?

Maybe a part of being an adult is to have a life partner and build a family with him/her. But even a teenager can marry someone, have a kid, and start a new family. Yes, in that right order if you know what I mean. šŸ˜‰

Picture Source

There’s a step before all that which is way much important, I think. That is to have a job and be financially responsible for own self. If possible, also for the dependents that we’re gonna carry when we build a family someday.

So if we’ve already financially responsible and want to start a family, then go ahead. Or if we’ve already financially responsible and want to pause for a long time, don’t want to pursue a further step yet, also go ahead.

Better if we don’t reverse the step, to have a family first, then find a decent job. Because we’ll bring trouble(s) to our parents. Unless, our parents are deeply stacked up with money for their descendents long after they gone, then I think it’s pretty much okay too.

Thanks for the random chit chat on a saturday morning, dear little sister. I’m still long before 25 years old, but I feel old enough already.


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