Who’s Actually The Bad Guy, Samsung or Apple?

6 Jun

Since the final year of my college time, I’ve been regularly reading 9gag. It was irritating back to 2 years ago, because everytime I found something funny and referred it to BF, either he didn’t want to read it or he didn’t find it funny.

Later on I found out that he finally started reading 9gag. When I teased him, he said it was because of his guy friends who kept feeding him about jokes on 9gag. Huh. Don’t you hate it when your partner doesn’t believe in your taste yet they try it right away after their friends tell them to?

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Anyway, a few days ago I read above post on 9gag. It’s funny, write Samsung and Apple in one sentence, then everybody loses their mind. As if Android vs iOs war is only between Samsung and Apple. Though it’s true, Samsung holds the major share for Android phones.

I found the post a little bit funny actually. So what if Samsung does supply the retina display to Apple? Does manufacturing it makes Samsung better than Apple? So what if Apple outsource parts of their devices to other parties? This practice has been long known as OEM (original equipment manufacturer).

That’s what Nike does with their shoes. They design, and let their manufacturing partner produce it for them. I call it smart, Nike wouldn’t have any factory (read: fixed) cost. Yet their profit remains high due to sales of the products. That’s why branding plays a big role there.

Apple spends their biggest investment in research & development. Breaktrough in design is what they aim. In this information era, idea becomes a very valuable thing. There’s a reason why company pays white-collar worker more expensive than blue-collar worker isn’t it?

It’s not Apple fault they don’t mass produce what they’ve designed. It’s actually a benefit of Samsung. They can learn the technology from Apple by manufacturing their products.

It’s a business. Should be a win-win solution for both parties. No one forces Apple nor Samsung to fo so. Later on, Samsubg can steal the knowledge and produce it on their products and sell on lower price. That’s what Samsung has been doing anyway. 😀

Samsung Printed Ad

4 Responses to “Who’s Actually The Bad Guy, Samsung or Apple?”

  1. sikiky June 6, 2013 at 8:54 pm #

    well, it just us…the user who waste time of “fighting” about these 2 products over and over again…IMHO sih hahahah
    ngga beda jauh sama yang “debat” sholat taraweh 23 ato 11 rakaat =) #eh

  2. gingerbreadandtea June 20, 2013 at 5:28 pm #

    so, i reckon that your an iPhone user, yeah, Nad? 🙂 anyways i find samsung and iPhone is just pretty much alike in term of contents.. it’s just a matter of taste among those team Apple and team Samsung thingies.. Selo banget yak hidupnya yang bickering about which one is the best, as if those brands pay them to defend each brand lol.. anyway, i think 9gag is kinda Samsung bias lol, or maybe it’s just me :)))

  3. Zippy June 25, 2013 at 9:24 pm #

    Hahha…gue rasa perdebatan diantara keduanya bakal gak pernah berhenti 😀
    But, i think Apple is the best than Samsung.
    Lebih kelihatan mewah aja.
    Samsung emang up to date, tapi keseringan.
    Jadinya kelihatan bukan barang mewah lagi :p

  4. iPhone ios 7 July 1, 2013 at 7:11 pm #

    kalw aku sih masih bingung, mba….. keduanya tampak bagus2 dari segi design , cuma kinerjanya masih dipertanyakan

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