Budgeted-travel Tips and Tricks

1 Apr

Always search and check for informations about the travel destination. There are many ways to go to Rome, including to our travel destination. If you can’t afford plane, go by train. If you still can’t afford it, bus is always an option.

To wander around the city, you can rent a car for day(s) or even rent a motorcycle. Using public transportation like MRT, commuter train, or bus is also okay.

For budgeted-travel, please note taxi is not an option. Especially in a tourism spot like Bali, Indonesia. Taximeter there increases quickly, by an eye-blink. Imagine how hurted your eyes will be because you’re afraid to blink to avoid the meters to going up in a long trip.


Love to take pictures but doesn’t have tripod? You don’t have to buy one if you can’t lend it from friends or relatives. Be creative. Use whatever tools you find in the spot to support your camera, eventhough the camera you use is only from mobile phone.

In our latest trip on mid-march, my boyfriend used his iPhone to capture our moments together with my iPhone as the tripod. He didn’t want to bother other people who were also taking pictures, our gadgets were used effectively. Trusted him, he’s an engineer. 😀

No, we can not afford this. :p

If snorkling and or diving is included in your holiday activity but you don’t have an underwater and or a waterproof camera, don’t worry.

You can always cover your standard digital pocket camera with thick plastic and use it underwater. Trust me, my friend did this in our trip on November last year and her camera was just fine up until this time. The photo result? Not bad.

If you don’t have pocket camera either, just equipped your mobile phone with waterproof case. It’s available everywhere, especially if yours is apple-brand mobile phone.


What’s your trick? 😉


2 Responses to “Budgeted-travel Tips and Tricks”

  1. yoan sulistyo April 1, 2013 at 11:49 pm #

    My first rule for planning low-budget trip : if you feel fit and in a good health, take an overnight trip. It helps you to safe some cash 😉

    Gadget? As a (amateur) photographer, bring “sapu jagad” lense (18-250,18-300). No need to change the lense in every single moment (you can miss it tho)
    Doesn’t want to be bothered with another gadget? Trust your smartphone, it’s the man behind the gun who matters 😉

    And i totally agree with number two. I even used stones for just lifting my lens angle up! Haha!

    Always feel happy every time talking and sharing about traveling. Hahaha


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