Minority: Which Side Are We

31 Jan

Never I imagined I would ever be a minority in my lifetime. Not that I didn’t wanna live abroad in a different continent. But the feeling of being (totally) different was never occured in my mind.

When I was a kid, I lived in a comfort zone, where immigrants lived as a majority in a new build city. The immigrants were coming from all over the country creating new mixed culture in the new place. As an immigrant kid, it was a supportive environment to live in.

No group being superior than another, unless you have brain. That was the rule I lived in. Even when I moved to a big city in senior high school time, diversity was there. Thought I didn’t belong to the major ethnic group, it was never a problem.

It was going on until my college time, but not here, the place I should dedicate my 9hours in a day to. Colored-skin could be counted. Those who greets god by facing the wall could also be counted.

Interesting yet challanging, in a good way. Others can eat anything they want, while I have restriction. It’s something I have to face everyday. Wouldn’t they get enough rejection of me not joining in?

But I don’t wanna be racist. To be fair, minority isn’t always about physical appearance. It’s also about something we believe in, about somethin principal. When most people think physical punishment is how to finish problem, should we agree? If we’re the only few people who doesn’t agree, aren’t we the minority?

Have you ever wanna talked about something but couldn’t say it because it may caused conflict due to your different perspective? Have you ever wanna do something but couldn’t do it because people will think you different and you’re afraid of it? If yes, sure you haven’t been a minority?

Looking back to my old life, I indeed was a minority many times. If I could passed those, I should be able to crack this one, shouldn’t I?

Wish me all the best.


One Response to “Minority: Which Side Are We”

  1. meongijo February 12, 2013 at 9:18 pm #

    Loh nad where are you now? Taking master?

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