Happy New Year

2 Jan

Second day of the year. Have you accomplished your new year resolution for the year 2012? I haven’t. Let us continue it for the year 2013, shall we? 😀

In the other hand, new year means new hope for a better one. Who doesn’t want to be better?

And though we’ve already passed more than a decade since year 2000, did you know that there are people who still don’t finish their high school because of financial reason?

It’s not actually a news, but what was new to me that there are people who indeed will trade their education for job, only because they want to have a mobile phone. Dear first world generation, can you imagine it?

I can’t, but it’s a confession from my aunt’s helper. She didn’t finish her high school, because she wanted to have a mobile phone badly. But unfortunately, her parents couldn’t afford it.

So, instead of dealing with the condition by completing her high school and get a job afterward, she dropped out from high school and looked for a job instantly. She indeed able to buy the wanted mobile phone by her own. She infact is having her second mobile phone at the moment.

When I asked whether she regret it or not, she said yes. But when I asked what does she wants do next, she said that she’s saving her money to buy a motorcycle. Engg what? She actually can get her degree but she doesn’t want to. She’s focusing her mind on the new motorcycle at the moment.

Some people just won’t easily change, especially when they think they’re right. Especially when they only know 5inches of universe, but they think they know 10inches.

But who are to judge? 🙂

Wishing us all the luck and a wonderful year ahead.


2 Responses to “Happy New Year”

  1. sikiky January 2, 2013 at 2:33 pm #

    Well, when i was at my kids age, the helpers at our house save their money to renovate their parents house or buy sawah dan ladang. Nowdays helpers spend their money on uang pulsa. Sad but true…
    Anyway happy new year der

  2. orange float January 19, 2013 at 3:39 am #

    saya heran saja di jaman sekarang masih ada orang yang mengeyampingkan pendidikan, padahal ia termasuk keluarga yang mampu untuk menyelesaikan pendidikan

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