We Become Lazy

18 Oct

When we’re too comfortable of something, we become lazy. Don’t believe it? Ask ourself. If we regularly win the championship of a tournament, don’t we become lazy in the training? Ask Michael Phelps after he won 8 gold medals in Olympic 2008. He lost motivation, he smoke bong, he didn’t train anymore, until a point of time.

If we’re too sure that our partner won’t look out for another person, don’t we become lazy to make sure we’re interesting? Both personally and physically. Both from our partner’s point of view and other person’s point of view. Doesn’t mean that we have to make ourself always ready for the replacement. Not in this case.

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If we’re too sure that our company won’t fire us, don’t we become lazy to take the extra miles when working on our job? More over if we’re sure that the company believes in great thing from us and our future there is bright. Ask those overly permanent employees whom have been moved to unproductive department by the public company just becuase the top management is reluctant to fire them.

We may try our best to make our zone comfortable. But way too comfortable is never good, that’s why people tell us to leave that comfort zone, as celebtweet @jonathanend tweeted in his twitter account. Either to prevent us to make that zone way too comfortable or to avoid us to make that zone becomes more comfortable. That’s how life reminds us.

I was slapped by my mom’s message earlier this week. She reminded me not to be comfortable with the life I’m living in at the moment. She asked me to look for scholarship for graduate school. Didn’t mean that I never think of going to graduate school, it’s just she never precisely told me to.

Now I’m confused, should I look for a new job instead? 🙂

One Response to “We Become Lazy”

  1. kodokzz October 20, 2012 at 6:38 am #

    love your job not your company..

    ah nyambung ngga sih?? –“

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