Social Network: Virtually Near, Physically Far

16 Oct

Pras always told me to always be connected with people around us, physically. Never ignore those people around us, just because we can connect virtually with those who are physically far away.

The feeling is great actually. We (think we) can connected with those who are physically far, and still connected with those who are indeed physically near us. But so far, technology, social media especially, could only bring those who are physically near us to be farther, and bring who are physically far from us to be closer.

Similiar to it, what I have in mind is those whom I only know virtually, should only stay virtual. Those whom I know in real life, should be able to be contacted (and connected) virtually and in real life. That’s why I be friended with my friends in facebook. That’s why I only follow celebtweets in twitter without any desire to meet them personally.

Photo taken by Prasetya Wibowo using Nokia E6

That’s also why I still can’t understand why did they held Social Media Festival in Jakarta, Indonesia, for the second time this year. Should we know all those people in person? Should we contact (and connect) with them face to face if we actually don’t know them in real life before?

I dont’t think so. What’s the point of it anyway? I only want to read their tweets, not to be their friends, as if they want to be my friends.

Any thoughts?


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