Story About Taxi Driver

6 Oct

What do you usually do when you’re in a taxi? Do you concentrate on your gadget? Do you sleep? Or do you make a conversation?

Whenever alone in a taxi, I never sleep. Just by thinking of it, sleeping in a taxi, is scary. Not matter how safe do you think the taxi is, perhaps because of the reliable brand, a little advice from me, just don’t ever sleep in it when you’re alone. No matter how close the destination is.

I usually focus on playing with my gadget when I’m in a taxi alone. But in a good mood, I can try to make a conversation. Yes, with the taxi driver. It’s actually fun if the taxi driver likes to talk a lot. We don’t have to spend much effort to make the conversation, because the taxi driver will do most the talking.

In fact, as Pras once said to me, they’re the ones who want to be heard, and not many people want to hear from them. So just listen and appreciate, let them talk. And they’ll be glad to us for that.

What do many people have that taxi driver don’t have? Education? Just so you know, many taxi drivers in the US were asian scientists back in their homeland. They moved to the US with hope of better life and failed. Sad enough to hear their story, huh?

Fame? Don’t you know there’s a famous taxi driver who writes book? He’s globally famous because of it and he has a blog too (read here). Don’t you think you wanna hear his story why does he still drive his taxi with all the fame he has?

Money? Hmm. I once had this long drive back to Sudirman from field observation in Sunter, Jakarta, Indonesia. That was the first time for me to go alone there. So when the taxi driver asked me which way I wanted to go, I just asked him to go which ever that won’t cause us to be caught in a traffic.

Then he suddenly asked, “Still going to college, kak?”. First thing to point out, he used the word of “Kak”. It felt like greeted by the SPGs in any malls in Indonesia nowadays. The most important thing to point out, he thought I’m still a college student! Hell yeah. 🙂

No matter who said it, being guessed as lot younger than we actually are, is the best compliement people at my age could get so far. Thanks pak, you made my day. 🙂

Picture Source

Perhaps it was just a figure of speech, but because of his good act, I asked back about him. And he then told me the story of how prosperous he was and how poor he is at that moment. The prosperous moment was when he was a personal driver in a company, because he got paid big salary and also got big fat bonus whenever the person he drove to got big project. He once got Yamaha motorcycle from the person in charge to make the bidded project goes to the company. The poor moment was indeed when he was the driver in the (blue) taxi company.

The tipping point was when he became greedy of lust and had a second wife, while he actually already had 3 children from the first wife. He loves the first wife so much, but when having much money, people can just change, he said. Now, he has lost everything because getting fired from the company though he still have the 2 wives and the 3 children.

He wisely advised me to be careful with men. Better to be with someone who was naughty once in his youth, while to be with someone who has never been naughty. Because then, the naughty time will be when he’s supposed to be wise and mature. But he didn’t regret anything and will never divorce his first wife. “If I should divorce someone, that must be the second wife, kak”.

Not for the same reason with what @Adriandy, a celebtweet, shared in his tweet last night. But it is true that many taxi driver nowadays are actually “someone something”  in their past. So, who thought we can never learn lesson of life from a taxi driver?

Pras’ reason to spend time during the drive by talking with the taxi driver is because that’s the way he is, he talks with any kind of people, about any thing. My reason is only to kill time so that I won’t get bored, sometimes it’s also nice to talk with a stranger. Can you find your reason?

2 Responses to “Story About Taxi Driver”

  1. ariemaica October 6, 2012 at 10:41 am #

    Betuul nad, I always do like that.
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  2. inandira October 7, 2012 at 9:53 pm #

    Totally agree! Having long conversation with taxi drivers is one of not many things I love about Jakarta. I had one memorable conversation with a taxi driver named Mr. Tarnedi. He’s probably like 50 or 60 years old, and he started a conversation in English. He said, “All taxi drivers in Jakarta should be able to speak in English. I never went to school all my life. I learned English all by myself. From TV, radio, and passengers like you.” He’s very sweet. 🙂

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