Unique Name: A Must Have One

27 Sep

To your kid. Seriously.

I was in a public bus heading to one of runaway destination in Indonesia. During my half awake moment, I heard the other passangers talking about the name, let say, Mbak Manz*lah. It woke me up, fully aware. Turned out, those 2 passangers are the field force of my company whom I actually didn’t know of.

How many Indonesian people’s name are Manz*lah? I only know one. Like I said in my old post, click here if you want to read it, name is one of our distinctive identity. And the case that personally happened to me, I think I’m free to say that it proves my old post right.

Let’s say you name your daughter Indah Putri. It’s quite a common name for Indonesian. “Indah” means beautiful, while “Putri” means princess, ergo Princess Beautiful. Now let’s search the name in seach engine. You can see how many entries show up in the page.

Even in our generation, if you search that name in facebook, you can come up with many Indah Putri there. That means, just to introduce herself, she needs to add another atribute. Perhaps Indah Putri “from Minas”, or Indah Putri “student of Medicine Faculty in Riau University”, etc. Just to make sure that the new people that she introduce herself to doesn’t mix her up with another Indah Putri they’ve probably known.

I bet you surely don’t want that to happen to your kid. 🙂


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