Ethnical Thing: Watch Out

12 Sep

I’ve never imagined that I’ll ever face any racial thing in my life time, more over from someone that I’m closed to. Not only because I’m pretty sure that I live in a racist-free-culture, but also because I live in Indonesia, a country where malay (not Malaysian) people live as a majority.

Most of local people in Indonesia are called malay people whether they are Acehnese, Bataknese, Minangnese, Dayaknese, Javanese, Sundanese, Maduranese, Makasarrese, Torajanese, Balinese, or Papua. Siblings of those native ethnics would be Chinese, Arabian, and Indian people who had entered the country centuries ago, settled, and then made Indonesia as their homeland.

Looking at above explanation, perhaps racial thing is not the correct word to describe this situation that I caught into, ethnical it is. It still made me shaking, just by thinking of it. Part of disappoinment, part of disbelief, that someone would accused and judged my behaviour just because I belong to an ethnic group, which apparently he neither does.

I’ve never been taught to look people from their ethnicity, not by my parents nor from my environment. In my childhood, I grew up in a diverse environment where people from many places came to work in a place out of nowhere and bring their family there. This caused a new mixed culture and the origin of their ethnicities was never surfaced for whatever reason.

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In my senior high school and college time, I studied with many people from all over Indonesia. Again, ethnicity was never an identity there. You were somebody when you had brain and personality to offer. At the moment, I’m working in a multinational company, and though top management in the company are almost foreigners, their nationality (more over their ethnicity) is never come in the way.

Generalization is not good, and when it comes to ethnical, it goes to stereotyping. And for all I know, only people who don’t go out much, interact with many people from different backgrounds, would ever throw ethnical thing to other people.

If someone’s bad, that’s because they make mistake, not because they belong to certain ethnic group. If someone’s good, that’s because they do good deeds, not because it’s a heirloom in their ethnic group. Ever think of the opposite and proud of yourself? Better think again.

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