“Nice Try, Nad”

28 Aug

“…, but that could never be enough.”

Maybe that’s what in my (good) friend’s mind, someone whom I supposed to ask for forgiveness a month ago, but I just sadly had the opportunity to give her the proper one recently. The mistake that made me need to come to her house in order to contact her, because she was pretty sure when she unfriended me in facebook. She wouldn’t reply my message, she wouldn’t pick up my call.

A month ago was the first attempt to come to her house, only made me meet his younger brother, because she was no longer stayed at the city where we attended our college in. Second attempt was made recently to come to the house where she grew up in, only to be greeted by her mom, because she was out of the house at that moment. Third attempt was to be greeted by his dad, because she was already slept at that young night, so to speak.

Three of her family members didn’t recognize who was I, not to mentioned they clearly asked “who’s speaking?”, when I came to her houses. I’ve met them in the past, though never had a decent conversation with them. A thing that confused my boyfriend, who accompanied me those times. He said, “I know my best friend’s family well and so do they to me. Funny they should ask who you are when you came to the house”.

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Sure she’s a good friend of yours and the other way around? Pretty sure that’s the actual question rose in his mind, perceived by the look in his face, though he didn’t actually ask word per word to me. The truth is, never occured to my mind that I need to be friended with her whole family too, pretty sure her younger sister still recognize me. If I could to be friended with her whole family, that’s a plus. If I couldn’t, that doesn’t make me a bad friend. Am I wrong?

Perhaps my mistake was already made long time ago, say college time, when I was still counted as the part of the pack. I didn’t made the effort to really know her whole family well. Maybe she’s right to not be able to forgive me, because she’s not my real good friend. Or maybe, I’m not her real good friend after all, judging by the fact that how could I possibly made the mistake.

Nice try, me.

P.S. I’m terribly sorry, Dan. šŸ˜¦


3 Responses to ““Nice Try, Nad””

  1. yoriyuliandra August 29, 2012 at 8:42 pm #

    Sounds like a huge mistake you had there. But, nice try Nad.
    What your boy friend said made sense to me. We are supposed to know the family, at least, parents of our close friends. I can even tell the full name of their parents, their occupations, etc…
    But, nice try Nad… That’s what you are supposed to do: trying…

  2. lunaticmonster September 13, 2012 at 1:31 am #

    it just ussual problem in the friendship, just make it fun,
    see ya, oh ya this is my page kalau mau main

  3. adizone23 September 13, 2012 at 9:23 pm #

    it seems so seriously problem . sorry, I have no idea to give you any advise about your problem. perhaps it might just be miss-understanding between you and you best friend. Hopefully she read your blog and realizes that you’ve made effort to ask forgiveness for your mistake.

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