Respect to London Olympic 2012

2 Aug

Recent news from London Olympic 2012 that interest me was 4 pairs of badminton women’s double players (Chinese, South Korean, and Indonesian) were disqualified from the tournament because they deliberately lose on the games to avoid certain opponents in the next round. One of the pairs is Meiliana Jauhari and Greysia Polli, Indonesian women’s double.

Am I sad hearing the news? As a supporter from Indonesia, I indeed am. As a badminton lover, I am not. In fact, I’m glad the committee decided to punish the pairs. Despite of what happened in fencing, it has been said that judges favored German over South Korea, I can see this scandal in badminton as a good thing from London Olympic 2012.

Badminton Game in The Wembley Arena, London Olympic 2012

Believe me. I was in so much disappointment when South Korea set the game, purposely lose in Thomas Cup 2008, to avoid meeting China in the earlier round. Yet in the end, they were defeated by Chine in the final. If they didn’t set up the game, they wouldn’t have been reached the final. Though it’s publicly known that China has been doing this kind of practice for a long time, and the Badminton World Federation (BWF) did nothing about it.

But not with London Olympic 2012 committee. They won’t let this happen in their event, because that kind of thing does not reflect “a spirit of friendship, solidarity and fair play”, as mention by the Olympic charter what the games in the olympic are about. So the committee urged the BWF to do something about it, and the BWF finally punished those pairs to let them understand that what they did is wrong and falsely give message of sportivity.

I can only wish that every athletes do their best in every game they play, that is to win the game. Setting up the game by purposely lose to avoid certain opponents in the next round is not a strategy. In fact, it’s falsify the sportivity of the game.

Source:: Reuters1 Reuters2


2 Responses to “Respect to London Olympic 2012”

  1. adizone23 September 13, 2012 at 9:49 pm #

    what were our pair (Greysia and Meilina ) thinking about losing the game intentionally ? was is it strategy or something ?
    I don’t understand that they have to cheat the game just because avoid meeting the chinese double woman. I think it’s not only about Gresyia and Meilina fault , the official team (coach and manager) should be responsibe as well.
    I heard last news that the duo had been banned for four months in every badminton tournament. but I don’t know what happened o the official team.


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