Rule: To Be Broken or To Be Followed?

27 Jun

Days ago, I got a viral message from a branded sport bag PR agent to join their writing contest. The contest was held to celebrate Father’s Day. Contestant can choose whether to tell what’s special about their father or to tell their adventure with their father, just the two of them. The submission date is on 30 this month, so contact me if you want to know the detail about the contest.

I joined the contest by sending an old post of my Dad, click here if you want to read the original post. I joined the contest not because I want the prize alot but because of this old post I have. I thought it’s not that bad to be participated in the contest. Then why not joining it anyway? Right? 😉

Reading the old post again makes me miss my Dad, a lot. He’s the person who taught me to always follow any rules that is existed. Rule by God, rule by human, rule by society, even rule by government. Any of them. Rule is the definite guidance to tell us which one is right and which one is wrong. Rule is made to make our life in balance, that’s what my Dad believes in.

It’s Dad who didn’t allow me to drive family car, just because I don’t have driving license. The existed rule is only people who have driving license may drive vehicle on the road. Dad also didn’t allow me to pay people to get me a driving license. Because driving test is to get us information whether we can guarantee people-on-road’s safety when we drive any vehicle, including our own safety. Read the rest of story in here.

If we can’t pass the driving test, or too lazy to move our ass to the police station to do the driving test, then we have no right to have any driving license. That’s exactly what my Dad told me.

It’s also Dad who made my family trip took longer that other family did, because Dad won’t speed up the car. “Even on the high way, there’s a safe upper limit to drive the car”, he said. I love my Dad, all his way.

Growing up in a situation like this, doesn’t make me a fully obedience kid. I’m enough with people or things telling me what to do or what not. This though indeed makes me able to define which rule that can safely be broken and which rule that is need to be followed, no matter what. Rule is made to limitate our life, that’s what I believe in.

Though deep inside my heart, I know what’s wrong and what’s right. Though deep inside my mind, I know exactly when I make a mistake by breaking the rule and keep on doing it anyway. Therefore, when I was reminded that I made a mistake, I won’t mad to the person who is kindly enough to remind me. In fact, I’ll thank him/her to keep me remember what’s right and what’s wrong. 

Picture Source: here

So imagine, when you were told by a security gate that you couldn’t stop your vehicle in front of the gate, will you be mad to the security gate? Or will you be mad to yourself because you’re breaking the rule? Or will you be mad to the person that you intended to pick up to in front of the gate, when we all know that stopping our vehicle, in front of any gate, means blocking a way, thus, wrong?

You decide.


One Response to “Rule: To Be Broken or To Be Followed?”

  1. yoriyuliandra June 28, 2012 at 5:51 am #

    I think you can propose this post to that contest 😉

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