Have You Say Grace Today?

22 Jun

The field trip that I mentioned in my last post was indeed happened. The place to go was very far, the journey took a long time if traveled by car, though it was only in the neighborhood province. It was that far when you’ve tired to see Para (Hevea braziliensis) plantation, and palm plantation, then Para plantation again but you still haven’t reached the destination yet. But let’s not go detail to it.

On the first para plantation that we found, my field supervisor, who happened to accompany me during the journey, told me that the plantation reminds her of her past project, surveying kids in rural settlements and their struggle to get education. Based on of her survey, it took hours for many of them to reach school because they traveled on foot. Imagine how much effort they needed to spend everyday.

Source: here

That fact that she told reminded me of case that I witnessed myself back then I was still in senior high school. Me and friends used to go to this public park near the university that later I attended to, and not rarely I found that an elemantary kid slept in the park. After several times seeing the little kid slept in the park, I happened to ask the kid where he lived and why was he sleeping in park.

The kid said that he didn’t get any money from parents to go to school, because he came from poor family. He didn’t get money for transportation, neither did for meal. In the morning, his father took him to school by bike on the way to his work. But getting back from school to home, he needed to travel on foot. Since the distance between school and home was very far if travel on foot, he always took a rest by sleeping in the park on the way home. And it happened every school day.

To take note, the park was in the capital city of a province. If only my supervisor’s survey scope was not only in rural settlements but also in urban ones, I bet she was also shocked to find that it’s not only kids in rural settlements who are struggling to get education, but also kids in urban ones. When education is not equal for every one, then what a poor country we actually live in.

So blessed you are able to complete education until senior high school, more over university. Blessed you who didn’t face any financial difficulties in getting the degree. Because many kids out there are struggling to get education. It’s only shame if we waste the beneficiary that we get by not attending class or waste our time in class by fooling around.

Have you say grace to thank the goodness you get?


2 Responses to “Have You Say Grace Today?”

  1. mohamad rivai June 23, 2012 at 10:50 am #

    musti google translate dulu nih..

  2. adizone23 June 24, 2012 at 12:21 am #

    well, I have read an article about “Indiana Jones Bridge” located in Banten Province, where kids have to traverse a broken bridge over river to reach school. such a sad news for just going to school. but I’m really proud of those kids who dare to face death everyday.

    I’m pretty sure children in rural settlement area want to get high education as well
    I think it’s one big problem in Indonesia, Our Goverment have to pay attention too much to its condtion for better life and future.

    last, I thank God for best education that I’ve ever had in my life

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