What Do You See Yourself As?

15 Jun

If you’re an inanimate thing, what do you see yourself as?

Would you see yourself as star, sun, or other bright things? Would you see yourself as ruby, sapphire, or other jewelries? Or would you rather see yourself as animate things?

I always wish to be raw-diamond (indo: intan). Yes, you read it right. Raw-diamond, not polished-diamond (indo: berlian). Though both are diamond, but raw-diamond is the hardest material on earth and could only be defeated with another diamond.

Picture source: here

Raw-diamond is not shiny. In fact, it is naturally found dovey and dusty from the diamond mine. But if we wash it clean, we’ll know it is pure white. My someone special once told me that white reflects clean, and that’s why it’s his favourite color.

If we want to extract n raw-diamond from its bulk, we need another sharper diamond in hand, to cut it out. Though found ugly, if we grind it right, raw-diamond could be the most beautiful shiniest thing on earth, polished-diamond. Of course, we could only grind the raw-diamond with diamond-blade.

That’s why I’m looking for my other raw-diamond. Thought I already found one, my someone special. So that me and my other raw-diamond could grind ourselves each other to be polished-diamond-couple. Perfect match to each other.

I know I have the right eyes to spot on the other raw-diamond. Problem now is whether the other raw-diamond that I already found would have naturally bond with my raw-diamond essence or not.

So, which inanimate thing are you?

This post is dedicated to you, beb.


2 Responses to “What Do You See Yourself As?”

  1. kempor June 21, 2012 at 6:00 pm #

    aje gile.
    gambarnya so sweet mbak.
    bikin pengen pulang kampung

  2. siska September 12, 2012 at 11:33 am #

    fotonya melebihi preweddd

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