Whom Do You Look Up On To?

8 Jun

Are you an employee? If you’re not, let’s imagine you’re one.

What will you feel when your colleague whom entered the company at the same time with you already sent to visit another city months ago when you only had the chance months later? What will you feel when the other colleague whom entered the company after you already visited another place in urban settlement, while the first place you visited on your first time away assignment is on rural settlement?

If your life’s parameter is based on someone else’s life, I bet you’ll feel miserable, you’ll feel down. Even if you don’t put any feeling to your work, you’ll still think bad of yourself. Like how couldn’t you be at least as good as your colleagues? Right?

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The two cases above were what happened to me. But thank goodness, I never rised me to set my life based on other people’s parameter. That’s why when my colleague was sent to another city yet I’m stuck at the office, I think of the positive side; hey, I’m needed by the office. That’s why when my colleague was sent to a capital city of a province on her first away assignment yet I was sent to far away land on my first away assignment, I only see the fun side of it; on what other occassion will I be visiting place like it.

So, do you have someone to adore to? Set your standard high, you’ll work hard your ass of for the rest of your life. Set your standard low, you’ll cherish every moment of your life. Whom ever you choose, it will define how you’re gonna spend your life, so be careful with it.

I choose to set the standard by my self, and I value my self high. Go figure how my life’s gonna be. đŸ™‚


2 Responses to “Whom Do You Look Up On To?”

  1. adizone23 June 9, 2012 at 5:43 pm #

    I think it’s normal to people for having a role model on their life. someone who dreams of being a singer because he adore a good singer on Television, it could be motivated him to be a good singer following what Idol doing. However, sometimes everything is not in right place we have to realize what we are going to be. it depens how to know what we all have to get what we want.

    and I couldn’t agree more with your last paragraph, nadia.
    just be who you are so you’ll respect yourself

  2. carissayufita July 4, 2012 at 8:21 am #

    i adore Lady Di for her elegance and struggle through her miserable marriage. and she always looks classy, never trashy. *buset standar gw ketinggian amat yak* hiks

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