Relieving Pain: Terms of Treatment

11 Mar

When you are sick, how frequent do you see the doctor? Do you usually go to the hospital when you catch cold? Or do you wait until quite some time, let us say a week, yet you have not healed, that is when you go to doctor? How confident are you in taking over-the-counter medicine?

It is ideal condition that we know ourself best, more than anyone else, including doctor. We know whether we are allergic to some chemical compound in the drug. We know whether we rather like to take oral medication in form of tablet and or pill than liquid. Besides, not all medication could be applied to everyone.

It is the same with relieving ‘Pain’. ‘Doctor’, which I believe knows ourself less than us, prescribes us with ‘Pain’ relieve when we complaint to ‘him’ that we have one. ‘Doctor’ gives us medication that ‘he’ thinks the best for us and would cure us fast. ‘He’ gives us the dosage that he believes suits us best. But, could we believe that someone else knows us better than ourself?

That is why I think it is best for us to have our own medication in relieving ‘Pain’, before asking help from someone else who claims himself an expert, in this case, the ‘Doctor’. ‘Pain’ that we feel could be relieved by ignoring it until it is fade away or curing it until it is removed. I suggest we do the latter because there’s a big possibility the ‘Pain’ to be recurring if we do the first way.

Before relieving ‘Pain’, first we need to make sure what is the main ‘Pain’ that we are feeling. Treating the side ‘Pain’ would not much helpful because the real ‘Pain’ has not been cured yet. After we know which ‘Pain’ should be relieved, then we need to know how to relieve it and the dosage to do so.

Doing something that we love only to forget the hurting feeling of the ‘Pain’ that we feel is classified as ignoring the ‘Pain’. When the ‘Pain’ the we feel is only a mild one, then he only thing to do in relieving ‘Pain’ is to consume the needed drug in short time treatment, no matter how bitter does it feel. Once we consume this bitter medication, the ‘Pain’ is relieved in no time, and we will be cured and healthy again.

But if the ‘Pain’ that we feel is already a severe one, then we have no choice other than taking long term treatment. This kind of treatment could be consist of consuming medication and joining therapy. Only by highly discipline in consuming the medication and attending the therapy we could be cured and get back to our normal condition.

Only those who brave who deserve to live, and I believe those brave people are also brave enough only to face bitter treatment for curing ‘Pain’ that was caused by living life bravely. Don’t you think so? 🙂


One Response to “Relieving Pain: Terms of Treatment”

  1. kodokz June 3, 2012 at 8:27 am #

    kalo saya seey jarang ke dokter…
    jarang minum obat pulaaak… :p

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