Alpha, Beta, Cupid

26 Jan

I first acknowledged the term of Alpha Male when I read Twilight Saga *Yes, I read it. So what?*. The term strucked me when I had divine conversation with friends. A friend said this other friend of us is an Alpha Female, which is the reason why it’s hard for him not to be not attracted to her.

As far as Wikipedia told me, Alpha Male *originally refers to animals* is term to describe a very dominant male, usually over-confident, and very assured of himself. Every Alpha Male has his female, the Alpha Male’s female.

But according to this Alpha Female friend of mine, let’s assume she’s a true one, her partner (read: husband) is the true Alpha Male. Could Alpha Male mate with Alpha Female? Still based on Wikipedia, yes it could. Though it’s rarely happen in the nature.

As for me, I think it’s less likely to be happened. Let’s borrow Twilight Saga definition, that Alpha Male means leader (of the wolves pack). Can two leaders lead the same boat? Go figure.

Two or more dominant persons could not be in the same group, unless each one of them knows their role, and clearly understand when is the time they need to be dominant, when is the time they need to selfless, if only they still want to be together. When one of them already tried being selfless and the other(s) still can’t/don’t want to do the same, no wonder the ego of this one person becomes interrupted.

Only time can answer what will happen next. Or, could you? ­čÖé


One Response to “Alpha, Beta, Cupid”

  1. kojack January 27, 2012 at 10:26 am #

    I born to be an alpha. I have arogantcies neeeded to be an alpha, and I enjoy that rule. ­čśë

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