Happy Birthday, Dad!

28 May

I’m not good with words. Besides I don’t intend to appraise or what so ever. So let me just write this straight.

Let say I’m not so close with my family. I never been my father’s best daughter like my sister. I never been the son my mother always wanted to, like my brother. The hell, I am a F girl. I also never been the best sibling ever, my sister and my brother have each other. God put me in a family, but life made me alone. And let say I’m okay with that, I accepted that.

But today is about my dad. So let me tell you about him. This is the day where he turns out to be 51. One hell of a year after a half of century he’s been living. Like I said, I’m not so close with my family, more over to Dad. But that doesn’t mean I don’t love them nor I don’t love him. No. I care about them, I do, in my own way.

Some said, they’d love to have a partner of life who’s like their fathers, I don’t. It doesn’t mean that I don’t think Dad is a good guy. He’s a good one, really is. I just don’t want to compare Dad with this future-partner-of life. Because, I myself, don’t like to be compared with someone else. Let Dad be the unique guy and this future-partner-of life be the other special guy in my life.

Dad didn’t come from a wealthy family. His dad died when he was only 21 years old, left him and and his 6 other siblings. Oh, he’s the eldest, btw. Therefore he had a big responsibility in his young age. His dad didn’t left something for him and his siblings, because, like I said, he didn’t come from a wealthy family.

There was a great offer from his dad’s friend to help him and his family after the death of my granddad, only he had to marry the daughter from the helper. And I’m so proud of Dad that he refused the offer, no matter how easy it was for him to accept that. Other than that, he wanted to feed his family by his own. He believed in his self. Again, I’m so proud of him.

That kind of fully responsible person, he proves it again much later on, in this recent years I mean. The family financial situation isn’t so good after Dad decided to take early retirement in 2005. My family had our times back then, but now isn’t the good time for us. But Dad never leave his family, in the good times and the bad times. He’s always there for us, no matter how hard it is for him. Like I said, he’s the responsible guy.

If you want to know a person, take him/her to the hardest situation. You’ll see who the person you’re with really is. My mom always says, “it’s easy to be in the fun time, what’s hard is through the hard time”. Now I understand what she mean.

Back to my dad. He follows every rule, if there’s any, written and unwritten ones. If we have to step on right foot first into the bathroom, he steps his right foot then his left foot when he enters bathroom. If the maximum speed rate in the highway is 100 km/hour, he won’t drive the car above it. If the manual says we need to shut off our phone when we charge the battery, he shuts him off. I adore his obedience through any rules, which I can’t never do as he does.

Dad’s the kind of hard working guy. He rarely has fun, only with his family. The only definition of have fun for him without his family around is when he spends his time with his vehicle(s), just at carport at home, or at the service center. He rarely say the word of love, not to his kids, not to even to his wife. Not that he doesn’t love his family, he does. Well, I know he does. He’s just not the speak it out person, more to the proves-it-by-doing-something person. Again, guess I take that from him.

Do you believe in one and only love in life? If you don’t, that’s your loss. Because such thing does exists. I believe it, because I’ve seen the prove myself. It’s my dad’s love to my mom. I don’t know whether it’s vice versa or not, but believe me. Mom is the one and only love in his life. So if I say that he might not love me and my siblings as much as he loves her, that could be true.

Not that I hate him for that, I don’t. In fact, I envy Mom to have one hehe. When Dad was a little, he didn’t go out a lot, because he needed to help his dad in the store. Mom was a good friend of his sister, my aunt, in their childhood. He grew up knowing her from far, more likely a secret admire, because he didn’t have time to get to know her. In the end, he grows old with Mom 🙂 Therefore, no other woman in his life, never was and never is. Don’t you think that’s cute? I really hope I can love the one and only person in my life. Maybe I’m that naïve, just like Dad.

But Dad doesn’t know how to get in touch with his kids. The only person he can get acquaintance well with is Mom. So, if he wants to know updates about his kids, he’ll rather ask Mom than to ask the kids himself. Like I said, he loves the family, he just don’t know how to show his love.

Dad is a bad entertainer. He can’t sing well, he’s not good with jokes. Still he spills his lame jokes anyway, eventhough he knows exactly that me and the family won’t laugh at it. Or we laugh at it just to tease him. He does that when the family gathers but we don’t know what to talk, just to break the awkwardness.

So, inspite of his disadvantages as a father, I love him. I love you Dad, more than I ever showed you. I really hope I can make you proud of me in your life time. I hope I can also do good to you, not only you to me, no matter what have you done and or you haven’t done to us, to me.

Happy birthday, Dad! Love you muacho 🙂

my dad when he was young, kinda handsome don’t you think? 😉

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2 Responses to “Happy Birthday, Dad!”

  1. mylitleusagi July 25, 2010 at 8:18 pm #

    hai suka dech baca tulisan mu kali ini..
    aku kebetulan lagi belajar untuk memperbaiki bahsa inggris mu..satu hari baca satu artikel dalam bahasa inggris..
    kalo nemu artikel bagus kaya punya kamu..
    pasti makin semangat.(^_^)
    btw kita punya tipikal ayah yang sama…
    pria yang amat sangat mencintai keluarganya..
    tpi terkadang bingung dan tidak mampu untuk mengungkapkannya dalam kata..

    • nadiafriza July 25, 2010 at 11:54 pm #

      bahasa inggris saya banyak salahnya yaa..? hehe 😉

      ga bisa dan ga mau juga. karena grogi dan berasa grogi.. saya sering ngerasa gitu mbak..

      all hail to best daddies in the world 🙂

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