How Can She Be Such Careless

13 Apr

Handphone, for some of us, isn’t a tertiary needs anymore. It happens to be one of our secondary or even our primary needs, along with foods, clothes, and shelters.

So it bothers me a lot when there’s someone I know that doesn’t look at it as it is one of the important belonging in her life. She lost her handphones for so many times, not to mention the ones that been broken.
Sony Ericsson – died in the washing machine
Siemens – died in the gutter
Nokia – lost unknown
Nokia – lost unknown
LG – lost unknown

She lost another handphone this afternoon which she didn’t know well when was it happened or even where was it took place. Can you believe it?!

Thanked God she never had smartphones, only the low-end ones. The only activities that she needed from her handphones were text messaging and phone calling. She didn’t use the radio and camera even they were provided by her handphones.

She is…
…my mom.

I really hope I’m not inherit her carelessness. Bless you mom!

p.s.: I’m really sorry for this trashy message. It’s just a whining from a daughter who doesn’t know what to react after the latest serial happened.


4 Responses to “How Can She Be Such Careless”

  1. Asop April 13, 2010 at 8:01 pm #

    Wow…. i just… amazed… 😮 😮
    I’ll cry over it if it was a BB or PDA.. 😀

  2. unending dreams April 24, 2010 at 11:15 am #


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