Living Costs

4 Apr

Meeting someone new could be an interesting experience to us. We have to start the relationship from the very beginning. At some point where we don’t know each other. And what makes it difficult is if we aren’t at the same place with this new person. Different country.. or even more. Different continent to be exact.

please be sure that we aren’t introducing ourself to some extra terrestrials from other universe 😉

At first, we might want to know his/her preferences about something. We ask his/her habits and his/her current states of living. That’s where the interesting part begins.

I remember my lecturer once said:

“If you want to know the living cost of the new place you’ll be living. Simply go to the nearest McDonalds (yeah.. he mentioned this exact brand) and order what you usually eat at your previous place. If you usually eat cheeseburger for $3 and you have to pay for $14 in this new place, then you know that you’ll need to fasten your belt to survive there”.

His parameter of living cost is the price of McDonald’s hamburger in each city, considering that McDonalds are everywhere. We can find it in every city in this world. That’s what I put in my mind to compare living costs in different cities.

So, can you imagine what have crossed my mind when a new friend asked me:

“How much does a 0.5lt bottle of beer cost at your city? It’s about 0.8 Euro here”.

DONG! Of course I understand what he wanted to do was to compare the living cost in his city with mine. But still… DONG!

First of all, what have been asked was the cost of a bottle of beer. Second of all, the currency that have been used was EURO not DOLLAR. Who does that by the way? I always thought the common currency rate was Dollar, not any other currency.

Then I knew my new friend’s lifestyle, what he closed to. What do you think I should replied, that I only ever drank a can of Green Sands which was 0% alcohol? Ha!


2 Responses to “Living Costs”

  1. yoan sulistyo April 5, 2010 at 1:54 pm #

    wow…sapa tuh yang ngasi contoh McD nad??
    ada benernya sih..
    thx nad, bakal gwe inget!
    gwe repost di Blog gwe boleh ?? 😛

    • nadiafriza April 5, 2010 at 2:19 pm #

      pak Joksis yo..
      boleh banget.. pingback ke gw yaa huhe 😉

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