Ironic and Cynical

1 Apr

I just heard something ironic this afternoon at class. My lecturer said:

There’s a joke. Someone said that our country is irrepairable. Let us just surrender to US and be its 52th state.”

HAHA! He told us afterward that the guy who told him the ironic joke was younger than him. My lecturer is pacticularly old enough to have grandchildren.

I kind of get what he wanted to tell us. That young Indonesians are losing their (including me..) spirits to build the country. How could someone just give up to another party when he/she actually has the ability to do something and change the current state.

When I heard about the joke, the only response that came into my mind was “Sir.. the problem is whether US wants to accept us as a part of them or not”. That was the cynical me talking.

be the 52th state? what’s the 51th anyway?

Later he told the class:

“Nowadays goverments around the world are in fire promoting the act of MDGs (Millenium Development Goals). But I think it will failed. There’re only five years left and the poverty index hasn’t decreased yet. In fact, the amount of the poors are increasing each day.”

How do we reply to such statement like this? Mine will be “yes Sir.. you sounded just cynical”. just like me.. and maybe the other half of the world.


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