[review] Novel: The Woman in the Fifth

24 Mar

From the writer of The Pursuit of Happiness, Douglas Kennedy wrote this novel, The Woman in the Fifth. Believe me.. it’s one of the rare subject that western novelist had ever read, superstition. I always think we, easterns, are who believe in such thingy. But Kennedy proves it wrong, them westerns also believe that kinda thingy.

I bought this novel in Reading Lights, the secondhand english bookstore and chill out place in Bandung, sometime ago back in 2008. Me and my friend like to hang out there when we have nowhere else to go. Besides of course, because we love books alot.

When I saw its cover for the first time, I never thought this book would tell us about the life of a man that touches the should-be-untouchable-thingy. If I knew it from the beginning.. of course I wouldn’t bought this novel hoho. But I bought it and kept on reading it anyway.. until some point the woman of this man became.. weird. And weirder. And weird enough to made me stop reading the book and try to looked for the review of the book at its back-cover.

And what? Again.. not a single world about the superstitious thingy. Ha!

Even if I felt “maybe this book about the ghost-thingy and the woman is a ghost” but somehow I didn’t believe my instict. Maybe because I always think that there’s no such-big-western-author would write about that genre.. if you could called it as genre.

When I finished reading the book.. I was so glad it’s over haha somehow I kind of felt “hey.. there’s a life out there that described just like the book did.. and I believe it”. Spooky? Of course.. That kind of life is spooky. But the book? I guess not. Not really I mean hehe. It’s a good book to read.. I recommend you this one. It’s great to read a novel that doesn’t like the others. Believe me..

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