LIVEJOURNAL: There Always Be The 1st Time For Everything

5 Jan

It’s been a while since I have this sleep difficulty. It’s very hard for me to sleep before sunrise, again. I used to have this illness a few years ago. I forgot how I cured it. Because after some point, I was able to sleep at and or before midnight. Then it strikes me back. I don’t want to name it actually. Because I’m not sure what it is. All I know is that I could only sleep after the sky is bright. Although I always sleep in the darkness of my bedroom. I trully can’t sleep well if the lamp is on. Paradox huh? No matter how hard I try to sleep much earlier, let say 9pm, I still can’t sleep. I can only close my eyes, but my brain keep thinking. So there I was, laying on my bed with close eyes, but not sleeping. Until 5am, or so, then I can really sleep.

I’m a bit scared this time. Not only because I have two left exams (well an exam had passed already) which begin in the morning. But also because I fear alot about my health. Thanx to House M.D. serial TV which keeps me alert about health. So I have no left option yesterday. I went to the doctor to asked about the sleeping pill. I know less sleep and sleep late are not good for our health. But taking sleeping pill is worse. That’s why I actually asked the sleeping pill from doctor is just for my backup plan, if I only I cant sleep early (again) yesterday night.

I’ve laid my head on bed since 11pm and until 1am I still cant sleep. Then I took the sleeping pill hardly, a pill. Even after I took a pill I still can’t sleep in 2am. It did frustrate me. I remember I considered to take another pill. But I didn’t. I decided to wait a little longer, then the next thing I know I almost late for this morning presentation. I woke up at 8.30am for 10am schedule.

I remember I promised myself when the illness first occured to me. That I’ll never ever take a sleeping pill. Because that’s really not good to our health and could make us addicted to it. But I break my promise.. and there always be the first time for everything. This time, for me to take the sleeping pill.

Stay on health!



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