LIVEJOURNAL: At The End Of The Year

30 Dec

This semester is about to end. My 7th semester in college which also happens to be my 4th year to be exact. But if you could see in my wordpress, there is none of post consist of any whining, complaint, protest that related to my college life, the subjects, or even the lecturers. Not even the time tables. That must a great thing.. rite? Because either I’m grown up and not sweat things around me.. or worse. I don’t feel anything about those anymore.

Believe me.. the first version of it way much better than the second one. In fact.. the first version is the hardest thing to believe remembering how difficult this semester was. Considering the subjects themselves, the tasks, the deadlines, and of course the lecturers. I happened to chose the seemed-to-be-wrong subject. I hope I didn’t, but no one knew, rite? I barely attended the classes after mid-term exam because of the deadlines of the tasks. It means either I haven’t finished the task or I’ve finished it but I choose to sleep because I haven’t sleep along the night. It could be also any presentations that I have to performed, or any seminars that I’d like to attended.

Not to mention the hard times I had in my social lifes. Both in family and friend times. Seriously.. this reason not only could taught me alot to grow up.. or not even to care of whatever had happened. In my own words, I’d like to describe it as “a time to turn my back at the world”. Believe me.. it really dark as it sounds.

Which ever the real reason is.. I’m quite happy that I didn’t junk any of my blogs with some personal thingy that are too personal to be share, like the years before. Maybe I’m that real introverted person.

Have a wonderful year ahead!

-The INFP of Me


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