Squash Is Another Soft Drink For God’ Sake

6 Dec

In order to live healthy, I dont eat read meat, junk food, and also soft drink. So far I havent eaten red meat for 8 months at the moment. Soft drink is also easy to avoided. Junk food is the hardest as in snacks. I also sometimes still have to eat fast food while I’m eating with my friends.

Wait a sec.. did I wrote "… Soft drink is also easy to avoided …". For God’ sake. I just drank a glass of Kiwi Squash which contains soda water. Isn’t soda is quite the same with soft drink..? Yes, it is, according to Wikipedia. I still can’t aviod any kind of squash, including kiwi and lemon. I know it’s better to drink the fresh juices than the squashes, but I like fresh sensations in drinking them. But I’m trying to reduce my consume level of squash.

Living healthyly isn’t simple.. but believe me. It’s worth trying 🙂

Happy Healthy Life!



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