Breastfeed, Me, and Mom

29 Nov
Breastfeeding is must for a baby that’ve just borned. The only food that a new-born-baby could get is milk and the healtiest milk for human baby is human breast milk. Benefits of breastfeeeding for the baby are:
gives greater immune health, less tendency to develop allergic disease, more easily to aroused asleep, gives higher intelligence, prevent diabetes and obesity, and other long term health effects (wikipedia)
Benefits of breasfeeding for the mom are:
helps to strengthen the maternal bond, release hormones that relax the mother and make her feel more nurturing toward her baby, weight loss, and other long term health effect (wikipedia)
Also according to Wikipedia,
most mother breastfeed for six months or more, without the addition or infant formula or solid food.

Such an ironic. Mom only breasfeeded for 3 months, at the the most. I might have great immune health, less allergic disease, not diabetes nor obesity.. but I surely don’t have any strong bond (neither maternal or parental) with my mom or dad. She said that I gave up breastfeeding to her. It might be true and I believe her. It’s not her who stopped to breastfeeded, me so blame me for what will happen to me and my body.

Just the fact that I know one of the reason why I’m not that close with my family. Sorry mom I open it up.. Still love you, always.


2 Responses to “Breastfeed, Me, and Mom”

  1. iraa December 14, 2009 at 7:49 am #

    aku 6 bulan deh asi ekslusif nyaa. hehehe
    atau lebih yaa? pokoknya agak lamaa.. sampe aku bisa makan makanan lain selain asi..heheheheh

    hmmm, yaa itu sih lo deket2in ajaa kali nad sama keluargaa.. keterbukaan itu yg paling utama. trus juga ekspresif untuk mengungkapkan rasa sayang sama mereka tanpa malu atau gengsi. kayaknya itu deh yg paling utamaa..

    gw yaa nad, baru nyadaar. kalo mama tuh ga malu2 kalo nyium pipi gw di depan umum.. haha malah gw yg malu kadang. truus betapa kita semua sayang sama sii ivi nad. hahaha mau adek gw yg cowo sekalipun tetap bersuara “anak kecil” kalo lagi ngomong sama si ivi..hahaha padahal dia udah smp. tapii itu membuat erat kita loh nad. coba deh… ekspresif..hahaha

    • ladysherry December 17, 2009 at 11:35 pm #

      hehe.. beda kasus ra. adek paling kecil lw itu cewe bukan cowo kayak adek gw ;p

      ekspresif yaa..? you know that’s kinda hard for me

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