Personality and Preference

27 Nov

Like I’ve mentioned before in my first post on LiveJournal (to read it click here), I should be working on this final-assignment-proposal but I don’t because somehow I can’t concentrate on it. This final-assignment I’m working on is about arranging teamwork based on members’ personalities. Believe me.. you don’t wanna know about it šŸ˜€

This personality type I’m using is based on Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI). There are 16 types of personality and each of it has its unique combination of Extrovert(E)/Introvert(I), Sensing(S)/(iNtuition(N), Thinking(T)/Feeling(F), and Judging(J)/Perceiving(P). If you’re interest to know what type of personality you’re in you could do the test here. For further information about the personality types click here.

Each of us has our unique-innate-blueprint that won’t change by time. What would change is our behaviour. But the basic kind of person who we truly are won’t (easily) change by time. Therefore the type of person we are remain the same. Me for example. From everytime I could remember I (am still and) always be the strong-willing, perfectionist, goal-minded, and ambitious person. I might have soften a bit but inside I’m still that better-be-good person.

Whilst human’s preferences consist of abillity, interest, and value. Threrefore it’s natural if human’s preferences would change by time. We gather new ability by the time we learn something. We gain new interest by the time we find something new. We share new value by the time our experiences accumulated. My preference of colour for example. When I was on senior high school, I don’t see pink or red as colours. I won’t ever easily stand around those colours. But at the moment I’m in college, I even wear clothes on pink or red.

We might change as persons. There are some part of us we could easily change if we want to be better persons. But there are some part that we have to work real hard to change these, because those part which defined who we are. What’s important is we live lifes for what we are, not pretend to be someone else.

Happy living!


p.s.: read also my other post about personality here


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