26 Nov

So again I falled into another blog-thingy whilst I already have 2 blogs (wordpress and blogspot) and a microblog (twitter). Dear God please save me. Blame my sister for it because somehow I found her Livejournal and the fact that she left her blogspot. The difference is that she changes blogs so easily (from wordpress to blogspot to livejournal) while I keep my loyalty to wordpress *haha*. Let say this is the unstable part of me who still wants to tries on new thing (playing around) while I have so many things to do.

I’m not overreacting it. It’s true that I have SO MANY things to do. I have deadlines in Monday (Decision Support System Individual Task), Tuesday (Final Assigment Individual Proposal), and Wednesday (Facilities Design Group Task). You could count them with a hand BUT believe me.. even only with those 3 I won’t be able to spend my holiday (from Thursday to Sunday) as it is. Yet I still able to create a new blog and write on a first post. Don’t ask me how and why lol.

I name this blog as The Grey Area not ony because its original layout is in grey (colour). But I also refer that grey to the grey cells as in our brain. Just a few hours ago I realized that I’m much a Feeler than a Thinker which I’m quite sure that I’m the last one but I’m not. And the fact that I’m much a Perceiver than a Judger while I also sure that I’m the last one but again I’m not.

I hope this blog will keep my personality type balances hence records the journal of my (grey) life.

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