Environment Does Really Influence Us

4 May

So i suddenly remember to what my former english teacher once told me:

Be like a fish. Even if the sea is salty, the fish is not.

He taught me to always remember who I truly am where ever I go, no matter what will the environment influences me, in the bad way. I mean, let us say that the salty water does not give any direct benefit to the fish. So, even if the environment of the fish, the sea ofcourse, is salty but the fish is not. It remains vapid till the rest of its life.

So do we. Let say the environment that does not give any direct benefit to us just the same with the sea above. So we, as the entities of the environment, are the same with the fishes. Let the bad environments contact or not contact us, but do not let the bad environments influence us. We have to keep steady, just the way we are. We have to remain same as the person we used to be, due to the bad environment that is going do destruct us.

It might be hard to do, especially if we already in the bad environment and already influenced by it. Just always remember who we truly are, and how we want to live this life. By then, we might be able loose from this bad environment, and stand on our own two feet. That we can declare who we are and what we want from this life. And we do not have to hide ourself anymore from others, or follow what the environment tell us to do, that is not us, that is not what we really like.

Please try this at home. Even it’s hard. Even it made us blocked by the environment. Remember, it’s the bad environment that blocked us. Just find another one that is better, and suit us more.

happy trying


2 Responses to “Environment Does Really Influence Us”

  1. fahmi May 18, 2009 at 12:43 pm #

    hmm,,how bout if the environment suddenly make us changed,,but fortunately it beneficial for us..?
    sometimes the environment know,what is better for us..

    met kenal…

    • ladysherry May 19, 2009 at 1:30 am #

      ofcourse we know ourself better than anybody
      but if the evironment gives us the good influence.. it’s okay
      just remember… never forget who we are
      no matter how good the environement changes us 🙂

      salam kenal fahmi 🙂
      terimakasih sudah komen

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