Do The Best. Prepare For The Worst

22 Apr

When we do something in life, we have to do it as best as we can do. No matter what we do, no matter what kind of situation that will pass through us. A good friend of mine usually reminds me

“Always do the best, no matter what it takes.”

when he thinks that I need a rechargement, due to my lack performance.

No matter what it takes… sounds so perfectionist huh? Sounds so ambitious.. But believe me, it is not. I am quite agree with him, that we need to do all the best we can in everything we do. Each of us want  to get best the result, don’t we? So the simple things to get it is just do the things up to our limit. If we do it, what will we do next is just wait for the result. Because in the end, there is a payback in everything we have done.

Surely we want the result to be happened as we want it to be. Especially if we have done everything we could to get it. But, in reality, not every wish that we want it to be happened simply happened. It is not rarely to happened that we want the best but we get the worst, even if we have done our best.

Sounds unfair? Maybe it is. It might hurts us badly, if we really do not and  can not see this to be happened.

But we could do nothing about it, unless we just prepare ourself  for the worst case scenario. By implementing multiple plans ahead for our life. If, in fact, we get the best result then we can see the world as bright as it is. If we get the worst result, we might be okay with it, since we have prepared ourself for it before.

So which one do you want? Being fully prepared or the fully positive hoper that both not know what will come to the end?

Just like Grey’s Anatomy soundtrack always tells us at the beginning and at the end of every episodes:

Nobody knows what he might ends up
(PSAPP # Cosy in The Rocket)

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