Out Of Our Comfort Zone

20 Apr

What do we know about fear? What about frightened?
What do we know about scare? What about afraid?

Nothing in life that is need to be feared beside the fear itself.

How many of us ever experiencing fear that takes control of our life? Fear that driven us to not do the things that we really wanted to do.

By letting those fear take control of us, we let ourself not able to achieve our dreams, our imaginations, our goals. We let ourself stay in the steady state and not going any further from our origin point.

If we do nothing, we’ll get nothing.

Appereantly we do nothing because we are afraid of something. Or even only a thing. Some of us know this situation, understand this situation very well, and also know the reason what we afraid of. But most of us can not see this fear. All we know that we are doind what we like because the situation made us to.

Some say, it is what called as being rational, realistic. That we have to logically think which is realistic, which is not to be fight for.

So what do you think?


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