Yes, We Are Different

27 Mar

“When you encounter people who are different from you, don’t judge them by how they look or act; instead base your opinion on the contents of their heart.”

So I read this quote somewhere a long time ago. It’s not the matter where I got this, but the value of the quote is the more important thing for us to discuss.

When meeting someone who is different from us (by the physical appearance, the state of living, the way of act, the point of view, etc) for some people, that situation is quite a difficult thing to face. Especially when this someone is close to us, so close to be in the circle of our daily activity. This person could be our neighbor, our schoolmate, our classmate, our friend, our bestfriend, or even our own sibling.

We can be with this different person, but inside we actually asking ourself, “Why do I go with this creature?”

This “emo girl” that we can’t accept beacuse we love peaceful..
This “unfashionable girl” that we can’t ge along because we’re so feminine..
This “poor guy” that we hate to go with because we usually spend lots of money..
This “not good looking person” that we don’t like because we’re the beautiful ones..
This “geek” who is so not okay because we’re the party persons..
This “nobody” that is not us because we’re so famous..

Do we really ask that question or we actually can accept the way the person is?

Are those kind of people who are lying to us (that he/she is okay going along with us when he/she realize that he/she is the one who is different) or we are the ones who are lying?

Maybe we’re not that peace-lovers.. We get the beats sometimes
Maybe we’re not that feminine.. We sometimes need little time to break of being some barbie dolls
Maybe we’re not that money goers.. We appreciate our parents money when we see them come home from work
Maybe we’re not beautiful-handsome clique persons.. Hey they’re God living creatures also, just like us
Maybe we hate party sometimes when we’re tired of that kind of life
Maybe we’re not that famous… We think we are

“The truth is often far beneath the surface. Look beyond the masks people wear if we want to know their heart. And remove our own masks to let people know ours.”


Don’t lie to others.. even to ourself. Just try to know harder which kind of person are we? People who can’t take differences or preople who see that difference is greatful and merciful.. That being different person from common is being for what we are and what we love, no matter what people say because this is us and this is our life

We are still with somebody different because we love them and we know that they are the good people and we can accept the differences because God created us to live in differences in life


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