Live in a Lie

13 Mar

Why is it so easy for people nowaday to lives in a lie? Thousand times i think about this and never get the answer for it, not until a few days ago. Let Mother Theresa answers it for us:

It may not be too difficult to DO good, it is more difficult to BE good.


What do I mean by lie here is being somebody that is NOT us. Living a fake life that is so not us. By do something good, do something that is just not ourself, simply because we want to impress the others. Or maybe we do not want to look bad. Or just because we do not want other people think about us the way we do not want them to, which is actually the real us.

Let me give an example here.

There is a couple of young man and young lady who walk at the pedestrian, on the way to the lady’s home. At this lovely walk, a beggar comes toward them. With his pity look, the beggar begs for their pennies for him to get a meal. Without think any longer, the young man gives him his money while the young lady only smile at him. The thing that the young man do is good thing, no matter the begger deserves the money or not.

But what is the young man really think when he give the money? The young man thinks how lucky he is with the life that he lives in, and he feels pity for the beggar. So he gives the beggar money as one of his social activity. And he usually do it, no matter when, no matter where, and no matter who he walks with. Then you must be agree with me, that what he do is being a good person. But what if the young man think the opposite way?

What if the young man thinks that the beggar is not wothed to get his money. That the beggar is poor because of the beggar owns fault. That the beggar is only disturbing him by asking for his money. And he never gives any beggar money, no matter how much money he has at the time, no matter how thankful he is to God. Except for this special occasion that he walks beside the lady sides, and he really does want to impresses her.

Some would say it as a social responsibility, that we need to do (and be) good because we are not alone in this world, that we live in society. So we need to do (and be) good, if not then the “bad person” judgement will go to us.

I am so agree with people being good. BUT if that means we have to lie to others, I do not think that is a good thing anymore. Why? Because we are, in fact, lying to ourself (it is the important thing of all) by doing so. If we are being this good person but the fact that we are not and we do this because we are trying do be good, I think it’s a different thing with us being this good person but the fact that we are not and we do this because we do not want other people think bad about us. That what I called as live in an ACT as a good person.

You heard (okey.. read) me, ACT. We are acting the good person role in our life. Believe me, if everybody believes us when we live that that kind of life, we are so the good actors/actresses. And there are so many people out there who see their lifes as living films. It could be me, sometimes, someplaces. Well… Hollywood here we come babe 😀


morale: Just be who we are. People who can accept us the way we are, is those who is real to us.


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