just do it

9 Mar

Let me tell you about my favourite quote from Batman Begins the movie. Bruce Wayne one said:

It is not what I am underneath. It is what I do defines me.

Can’t you see the magic of those words? That’s what a brave man*(1) would say. That we act something. We do something, start from what we thoughts. What we want. We can not just mumbling inside but do nothing real to get what we want. Or we just keep the thougths to ourself.

If we see something that we think not good happens, we have change it. To fix it to be good. If we don’t have the power to do it, then ask other’s help to get it done. It’s not the matter who solve the problem at the end, the most important thing is who took the act to strated it. Once again, only a brave a man can do it. Those who doesn’t have the guts to do so, would only keep for themselves. They would say “As long as I’m not the person who do the bad thing, then it’s fine for me.”

You can really see the difference between those two two state, can’t you?

The faint heart would say “I want this. This is what I want. I need it to be done. How could I not achieve what I want? BlaBlaBla…”. They would only keep questioning the things that happens to them, without do some act to get what they want. If they want freedom, break the cage that covers them. They can’t just wait for someone to give them the freedom. If they want to be rich, do something (legally please) to get them as much money as they want. If they want to get to Paris, hell….as easy as one. Simply buy the ticket to go there. What about the money to buy the ticket? It’s another condition that should been solved. It’s all a matter of act, nothing else.

While the brave one would say “I want this, okey I’ll do that. No matter what happens, no matter what the result is, I’ll do it. Because it’s my responsibility to realizing what I want.” These kind of people, when they want their freedom, they’ll break the edge no matter how hard it is. If they want to be rich, they’ll work hard the earn lot and more money. If they want to go to Paris but have no money, they simply search and find the money to go there.

Faint heart never won a fair lady.
-Meg Cabot. The Princess Diaries-

This lady is something precious to us. Our treasures. That we really want to get in our life. Dare ourself to do something. We might be succesful, we might lose it. In the end, the result is not really important. The more valuable thing is the process of making what we want happens. Of doing something. Because we’ll get nothing if we done nothing. Even if we do really failed, at least we’ve tried.

*(1) man: I’m not a sexist person. Man here is not male (literally man the gender), but mankind of human being.


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