worst case of life

16 May

lately i’d like to sneaked in to my little brother’s bedroom *promise me not to tell him ok ;)*. don’t know why, but i loved to see how his room was. the mess in it told me how he live his day. from someone’s room you can see how he/she truely is [it’s a bad thing to say or even do..but it’s true. no one hide secrets away from their own bedroom]. and that’s how i know my lil’ bro *if i lost contact with him* since he attended senior high school *he’s kinda busy there and i kinda busy with my own business*.

well that’s not what i’m going to talked about. somehow i found his magazines collection in his room. and i read an article which wroted this

we’d like to know a little more about you for our lifes
we’d like to help you learn to help yourself
look around you
all you see are sympathetics eyes
stroll around the grounds until you feel at home
God loves you more than you will know
God blesses you please
heaven holds a place for those who braves

dedicated to my lovely friend. really sorry for your lost dear..
i might not know him well *you didn’t told me about him much. and i didn’t have any chance to met him*
but i know. he’s doing good out there. he left you all for good. every thing happens for a reason rite?
so stop worrying him. stop crying for him.
all you need to do is do what’s the best you can do for him. realize his dreams. to make him proud of you.
i might not know how you feel. but i know how it feels when we lost the one we love most. i’ve been there. i lost her. but she still here. anywhere but in my heart. in my life. in every steps i make. coz the one we lost is not for being forgotten. but to live forever in our heart.
struggling for life together yaa dear^^
hope we all success in the future
love you dear…

morale: heaven holds a place for those who braves


2 Responses to “worst case of life”

  1. ira w June 2, 2008 at 12:39 am #

    is this for me?
    dont know how to say thanks.

    u know u love me.. xoxo..

    naad. kamu benar… apa yg udah terjadi kan ga bisa di batalkan.. ga bisa di ctrl+z…
    what i wanna do is.. to make him proud of me.. to make my mum easier in her job, which is taking care of my family..
    yeah we are superwomen.. 🙂
    naaad. yg di blog gw dh di baca kan.. inget looo.. jangan lupa bilang ke bonyok lo.. lo sayang mereka… yah!!

    • ladysherry May 20, 2009 at 11:38 pm #

      u know u also love me iraa
      hehhe 😉

      u can do it ra
      u’ve done it already tough
      klw kata wali gw “kamu bisa masuk itb..orangtua kamu sudah senang sekali”

      iyaa saiangg..terimakasii sudah mengingatkan

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