Happy 29th Birthday, Dear Husband!

16 Sep

It was husband’s 2nd birthday with Baby O around, but just like last year (click here to read more), Baby O was soundly asleep when I gave surprise to husband. With the help of my sister and my mom to bought the birthday cake and wrap the birthday presents, happy 29th birthday, dearest husband! 😘❤️❤️

Has converted from loyal Holland Bakery customer to Dapur Cokelat’s since 2011, and converted again to The Harvest’s since 2014

It was a surely hectic day at the office for husband and I, we ended up really tired when going back home. Husband did not even want to open his eyes when he blew the candles. We went straight to bed after that, no taking pictures, no cutting cake 😂😂😂

Husband opened the presents from me and Baby O the night after. The cake still had not been sliced, because we were waiting until we had family picture with the birthday cake 😅😅😅

1st Present: Hm, it’s just like the other presents you gave to your big family

2nd Present: Meh! Same like 3 years ago present

3rd Present: Hahaha okaaayy 🙂

4th Present: Yeaaayy! ❤️

Happy birthday, dearest husband 🎉🎂🎁 I may not be the perfect wife, I may not be the perfect mother, but hopefully I am imperfectly the best for you and Baby O. May you have a long healthy life so we could always be together in merry and sorrow, aamiin 🙏🏻. Love you always, dearest husband 😘

We finally had the chance to take proper family photo for husband’s birthday picture on the evening of this saturday. Yeay! 👪


[Review] Susu Cair Dipasteurisasi Hometown

9 Aug

Dari zaman SD dulu, kita semua diajarin tentang asupan gizi yang harus dipenuhi setiap harinya. Seiring dengan bertambahnya usia dan menjamurnya aliran diet kekinian, mungkin banyak yang lupa kalau dalam sehari, kita harus makan 4 sehat 5 sempurna, karbohidrat protein sayur buah susu. Bukan cuma sampai usia pertumbuhan, tapi sampai kakek nenek.

Waktu masih bayi, mama memberikan saya ASI selama 9 bulan. Setelah itu, saya harus puas hanya minum susu formula, mengalah dengan adik saya yang masih dalam kandungan. Sampai dengan kuliah, saya masih minum susu bubuk. Setelah bekerja, barulah saya minum susu cair UHT, yang lebih praktis. Tinggal minum, gak perlu ribet.

Selidik punya selidik, susu cair ternyata lebih bagus kualitasnya dibanding susu bubuk. Karena susu cair lebih mendekati bentuk aslinya (hasil diperah dari sapi). Semakin banyak diproses, semakin beda dari bentuk aslinya, semakin turun kualitas suatu makanan/minuman, termasuk susu. Karena itu saya tidak mau lagi minum susu bubuk. Bahkan ketika hamil, saya minumnya susu hamil yang cair. 😀

Susu cair segar


Susu cair dipasteurisasi


Susu cair UHT


Susu bubuk

Walaupun saat ini sudah bekerja, menikah, melahirkan, dan punya anak, saya percaya bahwa ibu-ibu muda seperti sayapun harus minum susu setiap hari. Justru karena sudah melahirkan dan punya anak, kita butuh kalsium dari susu. Karena kalsium di tubuh kita sudah disedot anak ketika hamil dulu. Gak mau kan kita kena osteoporosis, sementara suami kita masih segar bugar nantinya? 🙂

Justru karena sudah punya anak dan masih menyusui, kita butuh nutrisi yang lengkap dari susu. Agar kita dapat memberikan ASI dengan kualitas terbaik kepada anak.

Maret 2017: Pertama coba susu Hometown

Sejak anak saya berumur 11 bulan, saya beralih dari susu cair UHT coklat jadi minum susu cair dipasteurisasi merek Hometown yang lagi happening itu. Pertama kali coba, langsung suka sama rasa susunya yang plain tapi bisa enak banget, padahal saya paling gak suka sama susu putih kecuali yang merek beruang.

Agustus 2017: Tas menyusui udah ganti, susu yang diminum masih Hometown

Ternyata, ternyata susu Hometown gak ada tambahan bahan lain, alias 100% susu sapi segar, artinya gak ada tambahan gula, gak ada tambahan air, gak ada pengawet juga. Makanya susu Hometown bisa segar banget, hanya tahan 10 hari sejak diproduksi, dan hanya tahan 4 hari sejak kemasan dibuka.

Susu Cair Dipasteurisasi Hometown

Gak kenal, gak mungkin bisa sayang. Gak pernah coba, gak mungkin bisa tau gimana enaknya rasa susu Hometown. Kalau kamu nemuin susu Hometown di supermarket terdekat, cobain deh. Dijamin suka sama rasanya dan pengen minumin terus.

Selamat mencoba ibu menyusui. Karena kita dan anak kita, berhak mendapatkan nutrisi terbaik 🙂

Holiday in Puncak: Taman Bunga Nusantara

10 Jul

Taman Bunga Nusantara is also a good place for family holiday destination in Puncak, West Sumatra, Indonesia. It is like a huge amusement park but with flowers as attraction. Not only it has flowers, but also:

1️⃣ Peacock Plant-Statue

The welcome plant-statue for visitors who enter the entrance. Can you the peacock’s tail beautifully design from flowers on the ground? 🙂

2️⃣ Water Garden

It is called Water Garden because there is a pond and swimming gooslings on the pond.

3️⃣ Maze Garden

The maze is made of from plant. It is too big that we decided not to come into the maze, remembering we came with Baby O (no stroller and no carrier) and Baby O’s grandparents. So we just see the beautiful maze from the control tower. 😀

4️⃣ Musical Fountain

This is not just ordinary fountain. This is a water-dancing fountain along with the musical music that play along in the area. Baby O had so much fun in here 🙂

5️⃣ Rose Garden

Can you see the arches? They make up the rose garden beautifully. I bet many couples took pre-wedding photos here. 🙂

6️⃣ Play Park

Baby O’s first time experience riding a horse, unfortunately still accompanied by me. Because husband is afraid of horse 😅 And Baby O liked it very much. He always rewatch the video of him riding the horse at home every night before bed 😂

7️⃣ And many more 💚💚💚

If we google “Taman Bunga Nusantara” or open its official website (click here), the pictures are far more beautiful than pictures in this blog. The park is indeed beautiful, but somehow it is hard to take beautiful pictures there with using selfie stick. Perhaps we might need to use drone so we can capture the beauty from above. 🙂

Oh, and it was crowded when we went there on eid fitr holiday this year. We thought it was because of the eid fitr holiday, turned out we went there at the exact same time and date with Mr. President and his family (Mrs. First Lady and Ms. First Daughter) visit. No wonder it was too crowded. Can you count how many guards that came along with him? 😂

Holiday in Puncak: The Ranch Mega Mendung

3 Jul

The Ranch Mega Mendung, newest favorite place in puncak. It was just newly launched during eid fitr holiday this year. Visitors need to pay entrance fee, but we get free milk in return, or could be treated as food & drink coupon. Yeay! 😆

The Ranch Mega Mendung is a combination of restaurant and playground. The restaurant offers tasty Taste of Bandung food, yummy 😋. While the playground in The Ranch Mega Mendung is rather a family playground than just kid playground because there are so many attractions that could be done as a family. Or at least parents and their kids. Such as:

1️⃣ Horse riding

Only those who are 90cm tall may ride it, so Baby O was still not allowed to. Kids who are still afraid to ride alone can be accompanied by adult from below.

2️⃣ Feeding the calves

Which Baby O was afraid of. It was his first time experience seeing any calves, let alone feeding them. 😀

3️⃣ Feeding the rabbits in front of their holes

Which Baby O was still a little afraid too, eventhough he greeted the rabbits cheerly from afar. Let mommy works on this another time

4️⃣ Feeding baby lambs on the field

Photo taken by Haikal Mahfuz Rize with iPhone 5s only

Unfortunately, it was Baby O’s breastfeeding time and we had been there for too long. So we didn’t check whether Baby O brave enough to fed the baby lambs or not

5️⃣ And many other kid-friendly attractions 🙂

There are also many attractive spots to take pictures to. It is totally a holiday destination for family 👶🏻🐴🐮🐰🐑⛰

Happy Eid Fitr 1438H

27 Jun

Baby O’s 2nd Eid Fitr

Pras & Ori & Nadia apologize for any spoken and unspoken words, any wrongdoings. Hurting or not hurting, we never meant any harms. Hopefully all of us can still meet ramadhan and syawal next year the years after, aamin 🙏🏻

Baby O’s 2nd Eid Fitr with the Family

Happy Eid al-Fitr 🙏🏻. We wish you all blessings and happiness. Apologize for any unintended mistakes, never meant to do any harm. Have a safe trip home, and happy holiday 😎

Holiday in Singapore: Kill the Time in Changi Airport

29 May

Whenever going to an airport, some people choose to arrive near the departure time. Probably because they already web checked in their seat from home. Some other choose to arrive at least 2 hours before departure time, eventhough they already web checked in from home. Probably because they are afraid of sudden change in flight schedule and makes them late or left behind.

But Changi Airport is not just any airport. It is one the best airport in the world. And as a connecting airport of many flights from and to Asia Pacific, it has many attractions to entertain passengers while waiting for their next flight. On our back home to Indonesia, we purposedly arrive 4 hours before the departure time to be able to visit the attraction sites in Changi Airport. 😀

Here is the few list of many attractions that we visited in Changi:

Terminal 1: Cactus Garden

It is a rooftop garden with many kinds of cactus planted alive. We love it so much to be here, because it is rooftop garden (no explanation needed, ahem) with airplane runaway as background (so cool). We never imagined Singapore as a green country, especially its airport. Hats down 👏🏻

Terminal 2: Koi Pond

For some people, looking at swimming koi fish can give some calm feeling. It is a beautiful view to see the fish swimming around. The fish are big and not afraid of humans. In this pond, kids may feed the fish at the feeding time. 

Terminal 3: Butterfly Garden

This place is more beautiful than the cactus garden 😍. Not only alive plants that we can see here, but also the alive butterflies that fly all over the places. As a big city kid, this is where Baby O saw real life butterflies for the first time 🙈. 

Terminal 3: Birds in Flight

It is a contemporary art of a flock of bird as symbol for traveling. The art which seen as beautiful for some people, and just cool for other people. 🙂

Baby O with The helpful stroller that can be freely rented inside any terminal in the airport. There was also free rented wheelchair for those in need

There are so many attractive attractions in Changi Airport. If we happen to be strandred here for several hours, no need to worry. Make a lemonade out of it 🙂

Happy 2nd Anniversary, Dearest Husband

16 May

I call my parents Mama and Papa. My husband call his parents Ibu and Bapak. My cousins call their parents Bunda and Ayah. My other cousins call their parents Umi and Abi.

I come from a big family who still stick together even after the elders were already passed away. And all of those great parents mentioned above are still alive. To avoid confusion, husband and I don’t want to be called the same with those great alive parents. 

What’s left for my husband and I is to be called as Mami and Papi by our kidMy mom called their parents Mami and Papi. My mom’s Mami and Papi were already passed away years ago. They are burried in the same tombstone, as husband and wife. 

My late grandpa and grandma’s tombstone

The truth is, it has been a blessed that I married to a family man. Husband really helps alot after Baby O was born. He does the house chorus if needed, takes care of Baby O when I’m busy, voluntarily spends time and plays with Baby O, most of the time he even cooks for me.

Husband doesn’t smoke, doesn’t do boy’s night out, doesn’t have any 2nd wife or 2nd girl friend that mommy has to compete with (very important! 😂). What can I ask more?

Hopefully, Mami Ori and Papi Ori will always be together until death do us apart, like my mom’s Mami and Papi. Aamiin 🙏🏻. Happy 2nd anniversary, Papi Ori 😘. Love you, always ❤️

Our 2nd anniversary dinner in Shaburi, Grand Indonesia