Baby Milestones: May It be Skipped?

21 Dec

Lay, upturn, roll, sit, creep, crawl, stand, walk, run

2 months old Baby O: Resting on his arm

Those are the milestones any baby should achieve in their early stage of life. For psychology sake, it is better not to skip any milestones, because every baby needs to experience every single milestones in his/her life. That is according to Baby O’s pediatrician.

5.5 months old Baby O: Rolling on his own

Baby O first able to rest on his arms when he was 2 months old. However, due to his massive body weight for his age, Baby O is able to roll around by his own on his 5.5 months old. He is able to sit on his 6.5 months old. And able to creep on his 7.5 months old. He is supposed to start crawling on his knees these days but he finds it is hard to do on bed.

6.5 months old Baby O: Sit on his own

To be noted, Baby O usually spends his days on bed, or on his walker. Husband or I rarely put him on floor, because no floor available to explore in his bedroom, all space for bed. The open space is available in the living room, but we rarely sit on the living room. Either we are too tired at night on weekday, or too busy outside the house on weekend.

7.5 months old Baby O: Creeping on his feet

So it seems that Baby O will skip the crawl step and move forward to the stand up step. On his 8.5 months old, he is currently figuring out how to stand up on his own by always find ways to rest his body on his daddy whenever we are on bed. Maybe he is afraid on the floor and rather feels safe on bed thus achieve baby milestones, only on bed.

8.5 months old Baby O: Standing up on his own

We are half proud and half confused parents, should we insist him on crawling first? What do you think, parents? What about your baby?

The Early Riser Kid

11 Nov

In our childhood time, husband and I only needed less than 30 minutes to arrive at our own school. The habit had been started since we were in elementary school. That’s why, each of us rented dorm room near the office before married. Because we were the late riser. We woke 1 hour before the office started because it only took us 1 hour from getting up from bed, took a bath, ate breakfast, went out from home, to arrive at the office.

But since husband and I couldn’t live in the dorm anymore when Baby O born, we moved to a house in a suburban area. When we first moved, it was surely a challanging time for us. It was either woke up real early and arrived on time at the office or woke up on our usual time and arrived late at the office. Please note, it takes 1.5 hours from house to the office using motorbike, 2 hours using commuter train, and 2.5 hours using car.

People say disclipinary should be taught to kid since they are little. Including the time they wake up, take bath, eat, play, and sleep. Husband and I actually thought of that and we are not sure whether we have the heart to teach Baby O to wake up early. We never want to disrupt sleeping people, especially Baby O, because we think people will wake up on their own when their sleeping time is already fulfilled.

So yes, husband and I never taught Baby O to wake up early. We can accept if Baby O is naturally a late riser. And it’s a surprise for us knowing that Baby O is naturally an early riser kid. He learned that on his own, no one taught him. He usually wakes around morning pray time (5 AM) and go back to sleep again after morning bath (around 8 AM). Hope this good habit will continue until he goes to school. But please don’t grow up too soon, Baby O

We are indeed the proud parents 🙂

[review] Pigeon Baby Products

16 Oct

Pigeon is one of trusted brand for baby products. I use Pigeon products for Baby O’s need from bath, groomimg, nursing, to feeding:

1️⃣ Baby Wash 2 in 1: Baby O hasn’t use this combined liquid soap and shampoo product yet. It comes for free when buying 120ml Feeding Bottle

2️⃣ Hair Lotion: I always apply this product to Baby O’s hair after bath to soften and thicken Baby O’s hair. It has good Chamomile aroma

3️⃣ Cologne: I always give Baby O cologne after bath. This product has good aroma too

4️⃣ Nipple Cream Care: I use this product since Baby O was #1w7d old up to 1 month old. It quickly soothed and healed mommy’s dry skin due to breastfeed

5️⃣ Weaning Bottle with Spoon: When I couldn’t breastfeed directly, Baby O was given breastmilk with spoon weaning bottle up to 3 months old to avoid nipple confusion. Thank goodness Baby O never experienced any nipple confusion

6️⃣ Nursing Bottle: Baby O was given breastmilk using nursing bottle when I had to go to work from maternity leave (4 months old). If only the nursing bottle is embossed like the weaning bottle with spoon, it will be great. Well, it’s just my one two cent

7️⃣ Plate and bowl: Pigeon feeding set is the best price for value product. It comes in simple yet handy design

8️⃣ Spoon: Pigeon is one of baby spoon’s brand that I use to feed Baby O. My hands are comfortable to use it and it’s safe for Baby O too

What about your baby products? 🙂

Baby O’s First Time Experience [6]: First Meal

26 Sep

Click here to read Baby O’s previous first time experience.

Time is relative, it’s not a constant variable. It feels just yesterday when Baby O’s out of my tummy. Today he’s 6 months old and ate his first solid food.

Happy 6th months old, my dearest Baby O. Mommy can only wish what’s best for you. Hope you enjoy your first meal and the meals after. Hope you can always be the light of mommy’s day :*

At first it was only pure banana puree. Somehow, Baby O showed 20 minutes of not having the appetite to eat solid food. After took off his slabber, the puree mixed with breastmilk, Baby O’s finished his meal in the next 20 minutes 😂

Initial Banana Puree ingredient:

125g Banana cavendish

Ori 26w3d old: Eat First Solid Food

2nd try Banana Puree ingredients:

125g Banana cavendsih

10g breastmilk

With baby trying new activity, we need to be more patient. We can not judge the baby can not or does not like or does not want to do it in only 1-2 try. It’s totally new for the baby, so let him/her learn in his/her own pace.

Let’s try again tomorrow Baby O :*

Happy 28th Birthday, Sayang! :*

13 Sep

Dear Papi Prasetya Wibowo,

Thank you for having the patience during our togetherness in the last 5 years..

Thank you for always being there during 16 months of our marriage life..

Thank you for having an adorable baby with me and raising Baby O till the end..

Thank you for all the love, care, protection, guidance, sharing, moment, happiness, laughter, and hope that entangled in our life..

Hope you can always be super daddy to Baby O..

Hope you are given all the strength to be superman in the family..

Hope you are always be blessed and guarded in His arms..

Hope we can always be together for the next 50 years and more.. Aamiin.

Love you more and always, my man 😘😘😘

The Breastfeeding Baby

10 Sep

Breastfeed is a mutual relationship between mother and child. Any child has the right to get breastmilk. Any mother needs to let the milk out of the breast. It’s actually a win-win solution.

Up until he’s 24 weeks 2 days old, Baby O is one of full breastfeeding baby. Thank goodness for this, because there was a drama when Baby O was just days old.

When I couldn’t produce breastmilk since the day Baby O was born until the day we arrived home from hospital, mother-in-law furiously told me to feed Baby O with formula milk. Thank goodness I said no. Thank goodness my mom fully supported me to breastfeed. After lots of pumping and stress released, Baby O finally drank breastmilk when he was 4 days old.

It’s a matter of believe and never give up 🙂 Below is Baby O’s body weight and height records with only drinking breastmilk. It’s a blast:

NB: 4.0kg 55cm

3d: 3.7kg

2w: 4.4kg

4w: 5.6kg

8w: 6.6kg

12w: 7.6kg 65cm

16w: 8.3kg

20w: 9.1kg

24w: 9.7kg 71w

RSIA Asih: Ori 24w2d old

Can’t stop wondering how big wil Baby O be when he starts eating solid food on his 6 months old. Hope mommy can fully breastfeed Baby O until he’s 2 years old. Aamiin 🙂

The Beauty of Commuting

1 Sep

Commuting between work and home means sacrificing several hours per day in our life being on the street.

It’s daily routine when husband and I see people who are in hurry to arrive home soon. They run on the street, they cut lines, they elbow others just to get into the public transport, just to be home as soon possible.

Inside Jakarta Commuter Line

Picture Source

Husband and I already realized it years ago back when we’re still dating. Our judgement that day, they did everything because they commuted alone, because they couldn’t wait to meet their love ones at home. Read here for more detail.

So blessed that husband and I were and are commuting together, both in dating time and marriage time. The life on the street became our quality time together, when not dealing with work, when not taking care of Baby O. It doesn’t mean that we don’t want to spent more time with Baby O, we definitely want to. To look on the positive side, it’s a blessing in disguise for married couple. Just like people said, it’s the quality time that matters, not the quantity. 

Daily 4 hours of Jakarta traffic jam? Beat me